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Zurab Tavberidze: "I injured my right arm at the Worlds" >>>

Zurab Tavberidze: "I injured my right arm at the Worlds" # Armwrestling #

Zurab Tavberidze again will storm the category of 86 kg on the Zloty Tur. This athlete from the first of his fights was established as one of the leaders of his category, but to the coveted first place he constantly lacks very little. ()

This year, he already several times again was a step away from gold, and on the Zloty Tur in November we hope to see him on top of the podium.

How do you feel after the World Championship?

- This year the Worlds was very difficult, after the championship I felt very bad, I seriously injured my right hand. It was also restored for a long time, since it was hard to get a 10 kg weight loss. As a result, I started preparations for the Zloty Tur on the fifth of October. I usually have a month and a half of preparation to be in good shape.

Based on experience - where it is more difficult to fight, at the European / World Championships or the Zloty Tur?

- For me there is not much difference where to fight - at the World Championships or at the Zloty Tur, all the same everywhere in the finals I lose. This is of course a joke, but that's exactly what happens.

Who do you consider the most difficult opponent?

- I will pull in the category of up to 86 kg. In this category on the left hand an obvious favorite is Oleg Zhokh, all the others I can win. About the performance on the right hand, I can not say anything, I do not even know will I fight at all. Everything will depend on do I have time to cure the trauma and recover from it.

What do you think about Vendetta? Who do you think will be the winner?

- On the forthcoming Vendetta all fights will be very interesting. The most interesting, I think, will be the struggle between Michael Todd and Andrey Pushkar. Pushkar is always in good shape, and Michael Todd was seriously injured, but I think that to Vendetta he will be completely ready for the fight, it is very difficult to make a prediction for this fight. For me, a very interesting pair will be Rustam Babaev - Todd Hutchings, I think that Babaev will be a favorite.

I wish good luck to all participants of the forthcoming Vendetta and Zloty Tur!

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