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Pushkar-Todd: sportsmen about sportsmen >>>

Pushkar-Todd: sportsmen about sportsmen # Armwrestling #

Nobody can predict the results of Vendetta's fights better than sportsmen who at one time fought with both rivals of the pair, and even more so – professional sportsmen. ()

"Definitely, it will be difficult to Pushkar! In any case, Todd will impose his pulling style, the question is only in what round it will be! I hope, the Pushkar has gained and he’ll make 4 rounds in one touch! This, of course, is something unreal, but I hope that Pushkar became stronger!"- Denis Tsyplenkov responds about the duel.

Dave Chaffee believes that Pushkar needs to change his tactics: "I have pulled both.. I recently pulled Michael at the WAL finals in June and we both won 2 matches against each other. I pulled Pushkar in 2015 and he beat me 3-0 at A1 in Russia.. It's hard for me to compare as I wasn't in the best shape when I pulled Pushkar as I was when I last pulled Michael. But Pushkar has the power advantage and Michael definitely has the endurance advantage. I could not stop Pushkars hit in 2015. Mike has the technical advantage. He has that arm that won't bend and he knows exactly where to get in a spot which makes him very difficult to pin. He also will work to get your hand in a bad spot. He will work to get it flopped and you can't pin mike that way. I don't recall ever really seeing Pushkar have to make an adjustment to win a match. He will have to in this match if he wants to come out on top. Like most, I think he may be able to win a match or two with his power hit.

But if Michael stops him and he hasn't trained to make an adjustment then Michael will wear him out and will gain the victory. This match could get very interesting if Pushkar has done his homework".

"Yes, I pulled both Andrey and Michael, I can say that both athletes have their pros and cons. But they are both professionals, at the moment I do not know in what form Andrey and Michael are, and I can not foresee the outcome. Andrey, I think, as always will try to start powerfully, this is one of his strongest points. Looking at his last photos, Andrey gained the muscle mass. The fight will be mixed, I think there will be a lot of controversial points, because the guys have absolutely different fighting styles. The one who can impose his style will dominate.

Michael understands that the best development of the fight for him will be a protracted fight, and he will do everything for this, the fight will begin already at the making grip in order to get Andrey tired, and then to maximize his endurance. I can not even imagine how their meeting will end, there will be a tough and stubborn fight. I will cheer for both Andrey Pushkar and Michael Todd, they are both good friends and good rivals for me. Therefore, we will wait and see what they will show at the table", – Dmitry Trubin believes.

As you can see, the professionals who fought and with Michael Todd, and with Andrey Pushkar, there is no common opinion on the issue of the winner. Definitely, the duel will be interesting and unpredictable! Join us live at Vendetta All Stars & Zloty Tur and see!

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