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Final interview: Todd Hutchings and Rustam Babaev >>>

Final interview: Todd Hutchings and Rustam Babaev # Armwrestling #

Many people say that a fight between Todd and Rustam would be the most interesting at this Vendetta. Let’s make some sum up about their preparations. ()

How was your training process? How do you think, did you do all you can to make your best shape?

– I followed the Westside Barbell Method [The program made by powerlifter and strength coach Louie Simmons]. I would’ve liked a little more time.

As for you, what points could you make better?

– I need something to increase the speed of my starts

What do you expect from this Vendetta?

– A nice trip to Poland and $3,000 in prize money.

What would you tell to Rustam?

– I’d tell Rustam to pull both right and left at the Zloty Tur and lose 5 kg. And also, good luck.

Rustam, how was your training? Did you manage to do all that was planned?

– The preparation went well. I did almost everything that I wanted. There are a couple of points that I would like to improve, but not all at once.

And so everything turned out well. I added in some exercises and I think that this will have a positive effect on the struggle.

Many people think that in a duel you can have problems only if Todd will impose a long and viscous fight on you. Do you think he will have an advantage in endurance?

– I know about my opponent's stamina and will do everything possible to impose my strengths on the fight and not let Todd get involved. At the same time, my endurance should not be very different.

We all know a difficult story with the choice of your opponent for Vendetta. If everyone were ready and the choice would be for you, whom would you choose for the fight?

- It would be interesting to compete with Sasho Andreev, since I have never met him before.

We wish good luck to the sportsmen in a difficult match and invite you to support Rustam and Todd on Vendetta All Stars & Zloty Tur!

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