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See you at the XIV Super Match! >>>

See you at the XIV Super Match! # Armwrestling #

Claudio Rizza, the organizer of the Super Match, that was held in Italy, sums up championship's results. ()

The Super Match has seen in the competition 157 athletes from 14 countries, including: Italy, Luxembourg, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Lebanon, Ukraine, Austria and Romania, for a total of about 260 entry fees divided into categories disabled, beginners, juniors, masters, senior men and women. I am very satisfied with this event, especially because despite the bad weather conditions the partecipation at this edition of the Super Match was great. I am sure that the absence of snow would have allowed us to do better.

The strength of the organization of this Super Match was the harmony and compactness of my staff, everyone did their best to complete their tasks. The organization and the promotion started in January with a well-defined and detailed work plan. Tomas De Marchi took care of all the technical aspects and of the promotion; Katia Crucitti took care of the international relations and of the contacts with the media and the management of the referees; Federico Bertoldi took care of the relationships with the location, with the media, he took also care of the transport of the equipement  and of the logistics part. Their seriousness and precision allowed everything to work according to the plans. I believe that the spirit of collaboration of a staff is the strength to be able to aspire to events of this level.

I would like to point out that together with us, around 20 other people have worked together between referees, race judges, other collaborators and drivers.

This competition was one of the most important international events held in Italy in recent years. Without denying the skills of the other athletes, I would say that the best thing about this Super Match was the emotions that the disabled athletes, engaged in the competition, transmitted to me with their smiles, their hugs and their gratitude.

I loved all the challenges; even if I’m not so happy of the performance of my athletes,  I'm not disappointed with them. My goal was to give Italian athletes the opportunity to compete with 3 great champions. I believed and continue to believe in them despite the defeat, because I think all this is useful to increase their sporting baggage

Every challenge is unique and considering the good level of my athletes I would not replace anyone. I repeat: I believe in them

The plans for the future are many, this Super Match was a challenge that I won with the knowledge that I do not want to go back but always go forward and improve the quality of the tournaments. Every year I hope to be able to do even better and maybe succeed in the future bringing back a world championship or a European championship in Italy. I conclude by thanking Igor and Anna Mazurenko, Mircea Simionescu Simicel, Florin Lazar, my staff and all the participating athletes for their precious support and great collaboration. Without them at my side all this would not have happened.

See you at the XIV Super Match.

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