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Malin Kleinsmith on preparation for Vendetta and importance of a team. >>>

Malin Kleinsmith on preparation for Vendetta and importance of a team. # Armwrestling #

Among the many exciting news which November Vendetta All Stars- Armfight#50 promises us, one news is really interesting. During this series of 6-round matches, the women’s professional armfight will get the second wind. The match between Malin Kleinsmith and Marlena Wawrzyniak will open a new page in women’s Vendettas’ history. () Malin, this is not your first Vendetta - you pulled in multi-round series in Dubai. What do you think about armfight format?

Malin Kleinsmith: It’s a great idea to have a super match with 6 rounds. Then you can really see who is the best. You have the time to try different techniques each time if needed. And you can really see who is the best. Also you can end up 3-3. And be equal, and maybe have another match further on and see who has trained the hardest and see if one of them can train even harder with the knowledge how the last match went. And see if she or he can win the next time. What are you going to change in your training process before Vendetta All Stars?

M.K.: Good question. I would say EVERYTHING. Ha ha ha. My left hasn't been my priority arm since I have been injured. But now when I feel good I have started to really prioritize the left arm too. One example is that I sometimes trained forearm curls with a barbell,  with both arms curling the weight. Then my right arm could carry more weight in the curls than my left arm. So my left didn't work as hard as my right since it got "helped" by the right being stronger.

Now I train forearms with one hand instead. My favorite is one hand wrist-curls with a barbell. My record with right arm is 50kg. My left 40kg :) Are you a part of any local armwrestling team? Please tell few words about it?

M.K.: I compete for "Brynäs armwrestling club" the best club in Sweden in my opinion. The atmosphere in the club is AMAZING. They are so welcoming to every new person who comes. And we are super close. They have helped me to become better. They really care about each member and we help each other to reach our goals. Without them I wouldn't have found armwrestling as fun as I do right now. 

I am also a member of a group of girls - some of the best females in Sweden, "Armed by Eklund". We are 6 girls, me, Fia Reisek, Felicia Rydstedt, Victoria Karlsson, Elina Persson and Sara Nyberg. All very well known names in the world. We all compete for our different clubs, but we train together a few times per year. We give and take and we all get coached by Roine Eklund, (former world and European champion). You can follow us on Instagram #armedbyeklund

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will do everything to not let you down, choosing me as the opponent to Marlena! 

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