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Vitaly Laletin. Preparations for Zhokh took off! >>>

Vitaly Laletin. Preparations for Zhokh took off! # Armwrestling #

There are fierce online discussions about potential opponents of Oleg Zhokh, the “Giant Killer”, in which there are two main heroes - Devon Larratt and Andrei Pushkar. The first in connection with the de facto accepted challenge of Oleg, the other - in connection with the ambiguous loss to Oleg at the Lviv Open Cup. The armwrestling community is eager to hear the date when one of these top world athletes will try to stop the victorious march of this extraordinary arm wrestler. But the reality is that the first to pull Oleg is another athlete - Vitaly Laletin. ()

    Vitaliy is a multiple World and European Champion, an experienced participant of the “Zloty Tur” Professional Armwrestling World Cup. The athlete, on whom Igor Mazurenko made a bet, choosing an opponent for Oleg Zhokh on the jubilee Vendetta All Stars,  is not very public person. A truck driver from Siberia does not like to talk much about his rivals, he prefers to figure out the relationship at the arm-wrestling table. And while Oleg Zhokh fights in verbal battles with Larratt, somewhere in Siberia, Vitaly Laletin, step by step, is gaining strength and stamina, which can turn a starry Vendetta perhaps the most difficult test for the whole Oleg’s sports career.

In a telephone conversation, Vitaly briefly told us about how things are going with him now. 

Vitaly Laletin:

"I feel good now. After the Russian Nationals and the Europeans my hands ached a bit and, after the start of the intensified workouts, my ligaments could not stand the loads.

At the moment I'm completely cured and literally the other day I did my first workout. Soon I'll collect all my friends in sports - Artem Grishin, Dmitry Silaev and check my readiness for now.

And, accordingly, after I healed the injuries, I will train harder.

I would say that my shape is good, since I’m very focused on the training process and with every training I add more and more."

Knowing the modesty of Vitaly Laletin and his usual restraint in the assessments, this news does not bode well for Oleg.

As they say, the threat always comes from where you least expect it.

Igor Mazurenko, the main promoter of the November Vendetta All Stars, also does not share any analytics about this fight. 

As the history of the "Zloty Tur" and the Vendetta duels series shows, an unexpected turn of events in one of the matches is guaranteed to the spectator. It is possible that the same thing can happen during the Oleg Zhokh vs Vitaliy Laletin match.

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