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Dmitry Trubin: I will dominate my opponent by the quality of my technique. >>>

Dmitry Trubin: I will dominate my opponent by the quality of my technique. # Armwrestling #

А very serious test is waiting for Dmitry Trubin at Vendetta ALL Stars on November 17-18. His rival, Levan Saginashvili - "Georgian Hulk", according to all experts, is a new invincible giant of armwrestling. Dmitry, who over the past two years had victories, losses and injuries, will have to make a lot of effort to disappoint his haters. ()

Dmitry, how is the preparation for Vendetta ALL Stars 50 going?

Preparation for Vendetta is in full swing. I returned from Moldova, where I competed and identified some weaknesses. For example, my wrist is a little behind other basic muscle groups. So now I will focus on the wrist and fingers. In fact, basic training goes on the plan. There were tournaments on which I gained experience, one might say, was waking up after the off-season.

And now I’m awake. I’m working my butt off.

Moldova showed me the weakness of the wrist in the fight against Andrei Pushkar. The wrist began to open and I will focus on it. We will strengthen the ligament and the muscle itself. There is not much time left, it's time to get to the peak of my shape.

What are you preparing for Levan, what do you think is necessary to defeat him?

I will not disclose all plans, but I can say that now I am preparing a good top-roll and a good strong bicep of my right hand. My left hand, I can say, is now a bit out of shape. There are some injuries that do not allow me to pull left normally. Gradually I will enforce my left hand.

I will determine what my shape is at the table, during Vendetta, . I'll feel it in the first round.

You took part in many tournaments recently. How will this affect your preparation for Vendetta?

After the performance in my category in Moldova, my hands ached. The thing is that I went to Moldova right after the Nomads’ Games in Kyrgyzstan. Hands did not have time to recover, they hurt, they recovered by about 70%. After wrestling with Andrei Pushkar, I felt that the pain was intensifying, and I decided to save my right hand for Vendetta.

At the moment, I weigh 129-130 kg, biceps - 50 cm, forearm - 46 cm. By Vendetta I plan to weigh about 132 kg, I do not plan on gaining much weight. I will dominate my opponent by the quality of my technique.

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