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South Korea goes to a new level with PAL! >>>

South Korea goes to a new level with PAL! # Armwrestling #

On December 29, in Seoul, South Korea the annual professional tournament “Silvis Classic” will take place. The tournament is named after it’s organizer - the “Silvis” company. This year, this tournament will be the richest tournament in South Korea. Seu-Min Bae - the owner of Silvis and the President of the Armwrestling Federation of South Korea told us about the size of the cash prizes and what will happen during the tournament. ()

Seu-Min Bae:

“Silvis Classic” 2018 will be the fifth event in the history of the tournament and at the same time the biggest tournament in South Korea. More than 9000 dollars in cash prizes will be played on it, and the winner will receive about 600 dollars.

The tournament will be attended by athletes from different countries, including such famous athletes as Yushinobu Kanai from Japan, Mirtaleh Aslanov from Azerbaijan, Eric Wolfe from the USA, Alexander Belousov from Russia.

Simultaneously with the opening of the tournament, another event will occur that will record the “Silvis Classic” tournament 2018 in the history of Korean professional arm wrestling.

The first in Asia “Mazurenko Equipment” sports equipment store will be opened in Seoul. The store will feature the full range of arm wrestling equipment of the famous brand, starting with handles and belts for training, ending with tables and machines. The opening of this marketplace will make the professional training of Korean armwrestlers more accessible.

I would like to thank Igor Mazurenko for his help in opening the store and promoting our sporting events.

Professional Armwrestling League and Silvis held negotiations at the highest level at the World Armwrestling Championship, which takes place these days in Turkey. Igor Mazurenko and Seu-Min Bae have agreed on the closest cooperation in the implementation of a number of global projects of the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL).

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