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Oleg Zhokh: rehabilitation is going well. >>>

Oleg Zhokh: rehabilitation is going well. # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko visited Oleg Zhokh in a rehabilitation center in the city of Rivne, where Oleg is undergoing rehabilitation. The first photos of Oleg after leaving the coma. ()

Igor Mazurenko:

We arrived in Rovno in the evening, when it was already dark and Oleg's mother, Svitlana, met us on the threshold of the rehabilitation center. She immediately warned me that there was no filming in the hospital ward: the doctors and she herself were afraid that this would negatively affect the process of Oleg’s psychological rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation center occupies part of the floor of one of the buildings of the regional hospital. Inside -  modern equipment, gym, special orthopedic beds, round-the-clock supervision of medical staff.

Every day the rehabilitation doctor visits Oleg, gives him a massage for all the limbs, exercises for the development of arms and legs.

Oleg met us standing at the entrance to the hospital ward. The photograph shows that outwardly he looks like a person who just injured his arm. Small scars on the face and head are almost imperceptible, and only postoperative stitches on the arm remind of the severe injuries he received. But do not let the appearance mislead you. Despite the fact that Oleg smiles and speaks non-stop, after a few minutes it becomes clear that the recovery process is only at the very beginning. After a couple of minutes it becomes difficult for him to stand and he lies down on the bed. Mom said that two days ago he could not get out of bed. The fact that he is standing on his feet today is a real miracle to which we can be obliged to rehabilitation doctors and the strength of Oleg's organism. Yes, recovery is going on intensively, but it would be impossible without the help of all caring people.

Oleg still requires inpatient treatment under the supervision of doctors. Severe injuries in the pelvic region, damage of internal organs, ribs, as well as hematomas in the head are just starting to heal.

Oleg's memory is being gradually restored. He already recognizes everyone who visits him, recalls the names of armwrestling friends, details of the competitions, says that he will return to training very soon. But, in the course of a conversation, you realize that events in his memory are as if confused in time: it is difficult for him to distinguish between old events and recent ones. On the day we visited him, he was first told what had happened to him, but by his reaction it was obvious that his brain was blocking any details of the tragedy.

We talked very warmly with Oleg and he gladly put on a T-shirt in which he was supposed to perform at the Vendetta All Stars 50, in which you see him in the photo.

Oleg's mother asked me to convey their deep gratitude to everyone who worries about him, and also supports him with finances or just a kind word. All our common efforts are not in vain and we already see the first results of rehabilitation. But there is still a long way of recovery ahead and we will continue to support our Champion.

On my way to the Oleg’s hospital, I had different thoughts about what I would see and what were his prospects in sports and life. But what I saw surpassed all my assumptions and today I fully admit that his character, his body make his return, not only to normal life, but also into a great sport real.

And we will support him in this.

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