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Stars Meet in Seoul >>>

Stars Meet in Seoul # Armwrestling #

Today, Igor Mazurenko met in Seoul with the leading actor of the Korean cult “Champion” blockbuster, a famous athlete, coach and actor Dong-seok Ma. ()

The “Champion” movie is possibly the first blockbuster since “Over the top” with Sylvester Stallone, telling about the way of the armwrestler. Over the years, the entire world armwrestling community has been dreaming of continuing the cult movie. And in 2018, we’ve finally seen the movie, the outcome of which takes place at the armwrestling table.

The leading actor in the “Champion” - Dong-seok Ma is a very famous person both in Korea and abroad. Dong lived for a long time in the United States, where he was an athlete, a boxing trainer. He coached several UFC stars, including Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. He became “ill” with armwrestling, like most of his generation, after the “Over the top” movie.

He immediately built his own armwrestling table and began to pull. Obviously, the role in the “Champion” became the embodiment of the actor's long-standing dream.

Today, despite the high employment on the set, he finds time to personally participate in the development of arm wrestling in Korea - Dong-seok is one of the 7 directors of the Korean Armwrestling Federation.

In 2020, the actor plans to play in the next blockbuster associated with armwrestling, this time in Hollywood.

Igor Mazurenko and Dong-seok Ma met at dinner in Seoul before the return of the PAL President to Poland.

Dong-seok Ma: “It is a great honor for me to meet such a legendary person from the world of armwrestling!”

Igor Mazurenko noted that it was also a great honor for him to meet with Dong and that he admired his energy and love for our sport discipline!

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