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Vitaly Laletin will join the TOP 8. >>>

Vitaly Laletin will join the TOP 8. # Armwrestling #

On January 10, the list of eight strongest armwrestlers of the world, who will take part in the “TOP 8” tournament  was announced. Many expected to see in the list of participants the world champion, Siberian, Vitaly Laletin. Not finding the name of their idol, fans began to ask questions in social networks. We called Igor Mazurenko in order to clarify the situation with Vitaly Laletin. ()

Igor, in January we talked about the fact that Vitaly Laletin has every chance of getting into the TOP 8. The list of participants was announced and Vitaly is not named in it. Tell me, please, what happened?

Igor Mazurenko:

" I perfectly understand the emotions of Vitaly’s fans, moreover, I share them to some extent. But despite the fact that PAL selects the participants of the “TOP 8” first season at its discretion, we were guided by a certain logic that would be understandable to all armwrestling fans and would be fair to athletes. Plus, there were external factors that limited our capabilities. Our main goal is to organize the event of the highest level so that it gives maximum of emotions and pleasure to armwrestling fans.

Vitaly Laletin, no doubt, is one of the eight best athletes in the world on the left hand. His right hand was injured and he has yet to test it in battle. As you know, the first season of the “TOP 8” will be held on the right hand in the overall category.

Therefore, we, from the very beginning, considered Vitaly as a reserve candidate.

In early January, when it became clear that WAL would not allow Dave Chaffee, Michael Todd and Devon Larratt, despite their great desire, to fight in the highest division of the Professional Rating, we asked Vitaly if he was ready to enter TOP 8 on the right hand. Vitali replied that TOP 8 is his dream and that on the left he would be ready to join the fight today. But he is not yet ready to pull on the right hand.

He said literally the following:This year, probably, for me it would be better to do this: I will continue to heal my right hand, make Russia, Europeans and Worlds, prepare for the “Zloty Tur” World Cup, win it and enter the “TOP 8” of the next season. This year, I am ready to remain in reserve. ”

What does it mean to stay in reserve?

The “TOP 8” Reserve are athletes who, according to the rules of the Rating have the right to replace the participants of TOP 8, who drop out of the fight due to injury or other circumstances. Substitution can occur at any stage of the tournament, even before the final event. Also, at the PAL’s discretion, Reserve participants may take part in additional fights at the “TOP 8” venues. That is, they travel with the main squad.

Therefore, in fact, Vitaly Laletin joins the “TOP 8” team and will take part in all three events, albeit as a reserve participant.

This is his choice and, in my opinion, this is the position of a true professional.”

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