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Date and place of the “TOP 8” tournament are known! >>>

Date and place of the “TOP 8” tournament are known! # Armwrestling #

The Armwrestling Professional League (PAL) announced the date and venue for the first stage of the TOP 8 top division tournament. ()

The first stage of the URPA professional armwrestling Top Division tournament will be held in the capital of Poland - Warsaw on April 7, 2019.

April 6 will be held weigh-ins of the “TOP 8” participants and a press conference at the venue of the event. In addition to the “TOP 8”, the Polish Nationals will take place at the venue and a training seminar for the URPA referees is planned. We will announce the exact time of the start of all events shortly.

Igor Mazurenko, President of PAL: 

“So the start date of the most long-awaited tournament of the last 10 years has been determined. Many doubted that we would do it. We not only do this, but also make every effort to ensure that viewers get the maximum of motivation and vivid emotions from the tournament. Moreover, after the first season, we plan to open the “TOP 8” division for other weight categories. Now that the date and place has been announced, I want to wish all the participants of “TOP 8” successful preparation and performance at the tournament. And may the strongest win!”


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