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Unified rating: simple and objective >>>

Unified rating: simple and objective # Armwrestling #

The topic of ranking building in armwrestling has always been difficult and biased. What are the criteria to compare athletes? What competitions to take into account? Is there amateur and professional armwrestling? ()

Unified rating of professional armwreslting offered by the Professional Armwrestling League can significantly simplify tasks and decide who is the strongest in arm wrestling.

It is worth starting with the fact that URPA has three divisions: General, Elite and Top-8. Performance in one of them gives a sportsman the opportunity to move on the rating grid using armfights, and thus rise in the divisions (or descend in case of loss) .

Taking part in any tournament registered in the ranking of the General division, the athlete will receive points and move on the rating table. With enough points, an armwrestler gets an opportunity to compete in the tournament of the Elite division - Zloty Tor.

For more than a decade, Zloty Tur is a top event, the victory in which is prestigious and significant in a sports career.

Therefore, it is quite logical that Zloty Tur took its place in the ranking with special importance - this tournament was equated to the whole Elite division. But the general rule also applies here - the higher the result of an athlete, the greater his chances of getting into the next league.

Zloty Tur, in fact, is a qualifying bout for the Top-8 Division.

Top-8 is a natural continuation of the rating, an opportunity for the strongest athletes not to stop at the level achieved in development, but to improve their skills in order to take the highest position in the rating, to make a profit. Top-8 helps to determine the strongest, but leaves for other athletes the opportunity to lead the rating, provided they work on themselves. So far, such a format is possible only in the absolute weight category, but the more sporting events join the combined rating, the more chances there are to run Top-8 in other classes.

The more participants compete in an accredited tournament, the more credible the rating, on the formation of which both PAL and athletes work.

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