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D1 Team - PAL National Representative in China! >>>

D1 Team - PAL National Representative in China! # Armwrestling #

The Arm Wrestling Professional League and the D1 group have signed a cooperation agreement on the development of professional armwrestling in the People's Republic of China. ()

As previously reported, an official visit of the delegation of the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) to the People’s Republic of China took place from January 19 to January 22. During the visit, negotiations were held on cooperation between PAL and the D1 group, which for many years has been organizing competitions and promoting armwrestling at the state level.

There was also a meeting with the State Committee on Extreme Sports of China, in which the creation of the Chinese Armwrestling Association was discussed, as well as the acquiring of a state license to hold the “China Open” Tournament in 2019.

According to the results of the visit and the elaboration of the joint agreement, the parties agreed on cooperation.

Igor Mazurenko:

Today, Chinese armwrestling is developing at breakneck speed thanks to the efforts of many organizations.

In addition to the D1 group in Beijing and other cities, independent teams such as Shanghai Armwrestling, Tie Wan Sport Ltd, Beijing Armwrestling, World Chinese Armwrestling Association, Jiang Su Armwrestling, Dongtai (JS) Armwrestling Association and others actively develop armwrestling in their regions.

All organizations have their own preferences and vision for the future, but today we can give all members of regional teams the opportunity to build a professional career based on the URPA rating without any centralization and regulation of relations between them. We have already received several applications for registration and they will be approved soon. We dream to see in the URPA rating all enthusiasts from China who are ready to work according to its rules.

With the D1 group, we plan to organize training for athletes, referees, tournament secretaries and organizers across the country, and most importantly, we want to hold a large international tournament “China Open”, which will be assigned the highest URPA rating multiplier and in which any professional armwrestler can participate, from China and abroad. 

Today we are having a very active and effective exchange of information.

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