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Ongarbaev: Discipline reigns in Shardara-Armsport >>>

Ongarbaev: Discipline reigns in Shardara-Armsport # Armwrestling #

On April 5, Kydyrgali Ongarbaev will hold his debut armfight. This is an athlete of unique abilities and moral qualities, this is how the sports club raised it. ()

Kydyrgali, tell us about yourself. How did you spend your childhood?

- I have been interested in sports since childhood. During school time, I participated in various competitions, such as football and basketball. When I was 10 years old, I saw arm wrestling for the first time. It was at the holiday Nauryz (Kazakh New Year), there were competitions. There was no armwrestling table, and people pulled on athletics goat. I liked this sport so much that after these holidays I just started to fight with classmates at school desks and won all my peers. When I was 12 years old, the first armwrestling section opened in Shardara. I signed up there one of the first and for 13 years I am in its ranks. What I would like to be in the future? A person who at least glorifies my country and the city in which I was born. This is Kazakhstan and this is Shardara.

Did you study well at school? What was your favorite subject?

- I had good grades. My favorite subjects were geography and history of Kazakhstan. I was interested in the traditions of other countries and the past of my people.

What did you learn by doing armwrestling?

- I do not know how in other clubs, but discipline reigns in our Shardara-Armsport. It means to be strong, to respect the elders, this is restraint, this is the ability to be a simple person, although you are a world champion, this is respect for women, this is a dislike for bad habits, this is love for the Motherland. I learned all this by doing armwrestling.

People, who have visited our club at least once, immediately penetrate into this atmosphere of strength and goodness.

Who inspires you to fight?

- I was initially inspired by the performance at the senior club competitions of Tagabayev Berik, Nurkhalihov Seifulla, Malbasov Gani, Turmanov Bakdaulet, Shynbolat Raikhanov, Baygoziev Asan and others, who once became world and Asian champions. To this day, I am inspired by any achievement of the athletes of my club, through whom the flag of Kazakhstan is raised and plays the anthem of my country.

Are you scared when you go to the table to fight?

- I spent half my life participating in competitions; it allowed me to be confident in myself and learn to overcome my fear of rivals.

Do you like to travel? Which country do you like the most?

- I like to travel to other countries, to observe their culture, development and traditions. And most of all I liked Malaysia. This is an Asian country with unusual culture and architecture.

What do you do first when you win the Top 8?

- I think participation in the Top 8 is a dream of any armwrestler in the whole world. Since, thanks to the faith of Igor Mazurenko, I had such a chance, I will invest 100% in every fight. Win or lose - will show the table. If I win, I will be happy, as this is the fruit of my many years of work. If I win, I will light a fire in the eyes of 800 young men and women who support me and work in our club Shardara-Armsport, and glorify my country. For this, I will do everything to win.

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