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Para-Vendetta in Grudziądz: Maciej Gralak vs Dawid Łapa >>>

Para-Vendetta in Grudziądz: Maciej Gralak vs Dawid Łapa # Armwrestling #

On June 8, a very interesting armwrestling tournament was held in Grudziądz (Poland), in the hometown of champion Marlena Wawrzynyak. It was a big championship, which included a children's tournament, a tournament for professionals in the open category, a competition called „Arm-Triathlon” (the first in the world) and two matches called „Vendetta Top Arm-The Best”. In this fight that two athletes, who were probably known not only in the Polish arena, pulled in five rounds. ()

Dawid Łapa (Wilki Międzychód team) against Maciej Gralak (Arm Fanatic Sport Grudziądz team). Maciej is older, he has more medals, more experience. Currently, he is at the peak, it is possible (and necessary) to say that now is his time of the greatest achievements. And then keep the top as long as possible.

Dawid is younger, he has many medals, but he is only on the way to his great sporting years. At the beginning of this road.

What is important about it?

Well, now I have to write that para-arm wrestlers participated in this duel...

But I will not write!

One scene, one sport!

Armwrestling is one and it doesn't matter who jumps up to the table, who fits on crutches or on a wheelchair!

It doesn’t matter that after winning someone does a flip, and it will be difficult for another to get down from the platform.

But to the point: the duel is scheduled for five rounds, the weight is agreed - 65 kg. First, look at Maciej Gralak, in the evening before the fight. He seems bigger than when I last saw him. The muscles of shoulders are fuller and more prominent. His back is much bigger. If he gained, then definitely five kilograms of strong muscle mass. Before the Polish Championship Maciej had to follow the diet, although in any case he looked good. But this is not bodybuilding! I think that strength training for this fight and freedom in the diet gave him a new portion of strength. Because I never worry about his technique, it is superb.

On the other hand, Dawid looked a little more „modest” than usual. This could bother his fans. Somehow we could not see his confidence. I could be wrong, but something bothered me too.

On the page of the Wilki Międzychód club, I read that "we made a small mistake in preparation, discovered this mistake a week before the fight, and it was too late to correct".

Dawid said after the battle that there were not enough two elements to work on.

Let's go to a fight ...

At first we had wonderful weather on a beautiful beach, then ... clouds, and we had to quickly hide under the roof and dry.

But the organizers coped with it! Without electricity, without a microphone, without music! Pure sport in the highest concentration!

The first round - a long gripping, referee grip and 34 (thirty four!) seconds of the battle in the center of the table. Dawid's elbow was about a millimeter from the slip from the pillow, but in fact Maciej earned a foul. They again continued in the ref’s grip, and now the clash lasted exactly 50 seconds. Slowly and consistently, the scales leaned toward Maciej, and he won the first round.

They rested a little longer than the usual minute, but taking into account the natural circumstances, it was necessary. At the beginning because of the heat, one of the athletes participating in the tournament simply lost consciousness. Now there was a light refreshing breeze, but both rivals felt the sun.

The second round after the referee's grip lasted 28 seconds and became a test of strength. Maciej, who, as his father said (Stanislav Gralak), has a "patent for endurance training", won! It looks like it's not just boasting!

The third round Maciej decided in his favor for 20 seconds. Again - consistently, calmly. Thus, there is a 3-0, Gralak is definitely not lose, but the gentlemen continue to do everything possible, and another round takes about half an hour, this is their great effort and determination. Maciej wins and does not allow himself to relax for a minute. In the fifth round, he puts an end to the whole confrontation with a powerful, quick attack, and wins five to zero.

Before this fight, I said, no matter how it ends - I am waiting for the revenge of these two athletes in a year. Maybe it’s early, but in just a year it would be good to check who will be better. Dawid announced that he will draw conclusions and everyone will see the „new Łapa”. Well, we are really looking forward to, perhaps, not so much the „new”, because this is all right, but also the stronger Dawid.

What about Maciej?

We need to find Maciej new rival for five rounds! I think somebody is already working on this ...

Greetings to Marlena Wawrzyniak and all those who helped her in the organization. Thanks to the sponsors.


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