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Polish Armwrestling Association has a chance! >>>

Polish Armwrestling Association has a chance! # Armwrestling #

This will happen soon and there will be a kind of “light in the tunnel” for the creation - finally - of the Polish Armwrestling Association for the Disabled. The Ministry of Sports of Poland currently has two options - agree to create such an association or file a cassation complaint! ()

Long-term efforts to create the Polish Armwrestling Sports Association for the Disabled reached the moment when plans and dreams finally come true. Today, the leadership of the Armwrestling Association for the Disabled has received information from the law firm “Sport”, which is our representative on this issue. From this information it follows that the Ministry of Sports mistakenly refused to register the association. Now, after a positive decision of the Administrative Court, the case must be resolved. The ministry either recognizes our association, or lodges a cassation appeal.

The arguments in favor of creating such an association are serious. Arguments "against" - not a lot.

Disabled armwrestlers in Poland are waiting for a decision!

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