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The best articles of 2019 >>>

The best articles of 2019 # Armwrestling #

What articles did readers like the most in 2019? ()

The year 2019 was marked by the successful start of Top 8. Throughout the year, introduced readers to the project participants, talked about their preparation and feelings before, during and after the fights. What materials have become the most read this year?

  1. In childhood I wanted to be a footballer, - Levan Saginashvili

We asked Levan Saginashvili some questions besides his sport life (yes, he has some of it!). This interview attracted the biggest attention in 2019.

  1. Third stage of the Top 8: Levan Saginashvili vs. Vitaly Laletin

A little analytical material about the possible course of events in the final match of the giants.

  1. What if: Kvikvinia vs Trubin

This material was written before we knew about the fact of Genady Kvikvinia will not participate in Top 8 championship. He was in good standing in our eyes then!

  1. Saginashvili: No one can forbid me to fight!

Many readers liked Levan Saginashvili’s expression about the certain situation in armwrestling world.

      5. King's Move - Legal Cheating?

Burning and very sensitive topic that divided armwrestling community onto several groups: those who are ok with it, those who are boiling about it and those who don’t care because it’s not in their weight class ;)

These were the highest rated materials in 2019. Which article do you remember the most?

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