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The first stage of the Top 8 will be organized to the highest standards! >>>

The first stage of the Top 8 will be organized to the highest standards! # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko told why Kyiv, Ukraine was chosen for the first stage of the Top 8, and how this tour will be organized. ()

European Championships this year will be organized by an interesting technology.

Firstly, it will be open, so athletes not only from European countries will be able to participate in it, but from other countries too. The last time this happened in 2003, and after the Asian countries have already begun to organize their own championship.

Secondly, on these two days, participants will be able to compete in their categories, participate in the finals, receive awards, and after that also be spectators on the Top 8 professional tournament.

Why will the first stage of Top 8 be held in Kyiv?

The first agreement with the Professional Armwrestling League on the first stage of the Top 8 was with Malaysia. But due to the difficult situation associated with the viral disease, the Asian Championship, in the framework of which this stage was to be held, was postponed to July, but this is not the right time for us. Therefore, we decided to hold the Top 8 in Ukraine.

In addition, four out of 16 participants live in Ukraine, and it will be very convenient for them. As for us: the tournament will be held in the sports heart of the country - NSC Olimpiysky - according to the same highest standards that were used to organize the Top 8 finals last year.

You can learn more about the first stage of the Top 8 in the new issue of The Don Show.

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