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When will European Championship take place? >>>

When will European Championship take place? # Armwrestling #

Yesterday, April 13, 2020, the official statement of Professional Armwrestling League appeared on the site Igor Mazurenko announced that the holding of the “TOP 8” tournament of 2020 will be postponed to 2021. Of course, in connection with the epidemic. Another interesting question for everyone is the European Championship, which was to be held in Kyiv. ()

Speakers on this subject: IFA President Anders Aksklo and Euro 2020 organizer Elena Kuzmych. Here is what we learned from them.

Anders Axklo:

«Unfortunatly it is impossible to set another date, we have toо little information on what time line things will develope, so cancelled for now. Should a miracle occur within days will re-disuss.»

Elena Kuzmych:

The whole world is now in a very difficult situation, which we can not influence. It’s unfortunate that the European Championship 2020 is canceled, because a lot has been done to meet people from the world of arm wrestling in the heart of Ukraine at such a important event at a high organizational level. As I know, the European Championship has been canceled this year, but next year we will still be given the opportunity to realize this event in Kyiv. I wish you all good health and patience! ”

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