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Historical event! >>>

Historical event! # Armwrestling #

DIEPPE IFA WORLD CUP OF ARMWRESTLING 2020. A great Tournament in France is coming soon. Below interview with the organizer. Welcome! ()

PeSzy: When did the idea for this tournament, arise?

David Mimoun “Paco” - President of Armwrestling Club of Dieppe:  The idea of creating this competition was born at the end of 2019. I initially wanted to organize an international tournament between 4 countries or cities, Dieppe (France), United Kingdoms, Luxembourg and Belgium. But the demand was so great that the tournament opened to all countries, all athletes. The city of Dieppe is full of champions and is a very active city for all sports.
The International tournament had to be canceled due to the Covid19 pandemic, it was to take place in May 2020. It will take place on the weekend of August 15 and 16, 2020.
Just before the period of confinement that we lived in France, we inaugurated with Didier alias Strongman Didy and Gregory Schneider, the French League of Sports Arms that we have affiliated with the IFA. The Tournament was therefore recently renamed the Dieppe Ifa World Cup 2020 and will take place on the weekend of August 15 and 16, 2020. Weigh-in will be on Friday 14th all day and Saturday 15th in the morning. This competition is a historic first in France. Never has such a competition been organized. It is a great pride and a great honor to be able to do so. Today we have confirmed participation from 14 countries. We will not be far from 130 athletes and are very happy, along with all the athletes in the League, to welcome them. The World Cup will take place in a magnificent and specific place to host any kind of competition. In Dieppe's The Novick’s Stadium! All the athletes will be able to eat on site and the hotels are less than 10 minutes walk from the Stadium. All competition information is on the official Facebook page: Dieppe IFA World Cup 2020.

With PAL France, we continue to write this historic first by organizing the first Professional Vendettas in France, on Sunday August 16. The athletes will enter the URPA general classification. We are and I am very proud of it. This arm wrestling weekend will be the biggest competition ever organized in France!

PeSzy: Please write a few sentences about the place of the competition. How is there? Sea, beaches? Beautiful weather?

David Mimoun: At this time, Dieppe, is sunny. In August it is on average 25 ° C. It is a port town of around 40.000 inhabitants with a seaside beach of about 2km and several hectares of grass. One of the biggest funfair will be present during this period on our large beach. My city is very dynamic and very active for tourism with many restaurants and facilities. And it was in Dieppe that I created my sports arm wrestling club: facebook "arm wrestling dieppe". I have 12 athletes who are very promising. The youngest is 8 years old, his name is Nathan ;) With my athletes, we have participated in many international competitions, in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium….

PeSzy: Write something about yourself, please.

David Mimoun: You asking me to talk about myself? I don’t like to talk about myself much and I like. I prefer to put others first. I have organized a lot of things, in different competitions and in other sports. I would say that organizing the World Cup, with the help of Didier, Grégory and all the others, gives me unique satisfaction. But I will thank, in general, and there are a lot of people, all those who support me and who support us in this organization. Sponsors, partners, IFA, URPA ... ..
See you soon for the Dieppe IFA World Cup 2020.

PeSzy: Thank you for the interview!

David Mimoun: Thank you and see you soon!

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