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Jeff Dabe: I beat my coach and all the adults there! >>>

Jeff Dabe: I beat my coach and all the adults there! # Armwrestling #

Another correspondence from the USA from Sean Boom Hancock. Greetings everyone, My name is Sean Boom Hancock. I have a rare story to share with you. Today we take a look into the life of the real life "Popeye", Jeff Dabe. This is an arm wrestler that is a bit different that your ordinary armwerstler. ()

With 20" forearms and the largest hands on the planet, even at 57 years old, he is a force to be reckoned with. I hope to have a Vendetta with this man later this year myself, but right now lets get to know this man called "Popeye".

Hello Jeff, would you introduce yourself to the world please?

Hi, I’m Jeff Dabe. I live in rural Minnesota. My heritage is similar to the other Swedish in the area. I’m also German and Lebanese. I’m 5ft 9in. And 57 years old.

What are some other things life that you enjoy doing?

Besides Armwrestling I enjoy spending time with my wife working around our Hobby Farm. We have horses, dogs and Koi fish. I love working on my koi fish pond , making a waterfall recently. It’s now 7,000 gallons of water with 100 fish.

I just retired last July from running Heavy Equipment for 36 years. I ran a Gravel Pit where we made little rocks out of big ones. Currently getting caught up on work around the house and barns. And gardening with my family is something else I like.

When I worked full time, I enjoyed the challenge of running the Crushing Site well. Now I have the challenge of training 2 young mini horses for many tasks. A fun activity i look forward to doing with my sidekick grandkids. I love running my Farm Equipment. I enjoy welding, building Armwrestling tables with the attachments for training. Which is mostly solo training. Just built a Bobcat trailer from the ground up. Next project is rebuilding my Wife’s 1979 Ford F-150 truck.

When and how did you get into the sport of arm wrestling?

I got into Armwrestling in 1980 when my High School wrestling coach took us to an Armwrestling Benefit for kids. I beat my coach and all the adults there. They told me about future Armwrestling events, my neighbor taught me a few things from the bar.

I mat wrestled in High School when the cheerleaders named me Popeye.

What does you arm wrestling training consist of ?

My training isn’t much. Band work on my table. I miss steering the loader at work. Been busy putting horse fence in. Digging and farm work keeps up my endurance.

You have been in the sport for many years now, I am sure you have a lot of stories. What are some of the highs and lows during your years on the table?

Highs in the past was when I was 18 and beat Scott Norton left hand and remained undefeated 5 years. I blew out my right elbow after and never pulled again. Didn’t pull again until 6 years ago. A couple years ago I held 3 Belts from 3 different leagues. My UAL belt is a favorite I got to keep. I Love meeting new people and seeing new places. I miss the brotherhood and the comrades in Arms with so much cancelled from Covid. But we’ll meet again.

You have told me that there is no retirement in the near future for you in the sport. What is next for you?

My next goal is to train for Worlds in Orlando, Florida in September. I’m hoping to win Grandmaster . Otherwise just have fun pulling and learning all I can from the warriors I battle. I’ve never said I was an exceptional Armwrestler, but we’re going to have a lot of fun !

Thanks for a look into the life of the man called "Popeye". Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to everyone on my journey. Everyone that’s helped me grow. My family for patience. And of course my fans for giving me more enjoyment than you could possibly know. And of course Mr. Hancock and Pal and the greatest thrill of my Armwrestling adventure, The Vendetta . Sincerely Jeff Dabe

No problem my friend. It was a great pleasure meeting you and learning more about you. I hope to see you on the table very soon. Until then, God speed.

Boom Hancock

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