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Greetings arm wrestling family, my name is Sean Boom Hancock and today I would like to take you into the life of the largest man I have ever seen. The "Viking Giant" Alex Leuthauser. Towering above any crowd, Alex stands just under 7 feet tall and weighs in at over 300 pounds. I first met this man at a USAA arm wrestling tournament in Reno, NV. I was able to compete against him and that was truly an honor even though I look like Mickey Mouse compared to him. Other than his size, I was amazed by his very humble character. He is a descendant of a true Viking family and when we competed I could hear his friends and family chanting "Odin power" (Odin is the ancient Viking god of war). This was a very cool experience for me that I will soon not forget. This is the story of a true Warrior. ()

Hello Alex, will you introduce yourself please?

Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada! My name is Alex Leuthauser. I am all American, but my nationality is German, Danish and Scottish. My Danish family lines trace back to the early Viking times. I was born in San Diego, California but was raised in Nevada. I spent a lot of time as a kid off-roading with my Dad and exploring our old mines and ghost towns. There is definitely much more to Nevada than Las Vegas.

What do you enjoy besides arm-wrestling?

Besides arm-wrestling, I enjoy comedy and the idea of developing a podcast in the future. I like quantum physics and travel. Of course, I enjoy a good beer, good friends and off-roading in my Jeep Rubicon. Over the years, to stay in shape I have also appreciated participating in Scottish Heavy Athletics, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

What is a regular day or week like for you back home in Nevada?

The one constant in my life, is my family. I have two incredible sons. One is in the first grade, Dresdyn and one is 19, Carter. They both love to arm-wrestle and have mammoth potential. My incredible constant for more than 22 years is my wife Cheley. If I had to choose between living and loving her, I would tell her that I love her with my last breath. She works as a Hospice Nurse, often getting called out in the middle of night for emergencies and death visits. This enhances our need for very flexible schedules. However, In my spare time I really enjoy off roading and writing comedy.

What is your profession other than arm wrestling?

I’ve had some really wonderful opportunities to function in different capacities over the years. My specialties and crafts are ever evolving and I’m always on the lookout for great opportunities and never shy away from trying something new. I try to keep that in mind to put life into perspective. I worked my way through college for a degree in Criminal Justice. In my early 20's I became a Deputy Sheriff. Within less than 2 years I was promoted to Field Training Officer. It was an absolute honor to protect and serve my communities. Around 2007 I knew the evolving demands and politics were not for me and I stepped out of law enforcement. Remaining humble, the next 10 years were a roll of the dice and I embraced everything that came my way. Well, almost everything. I successfully remodeled and flipped four properties. For other sources of income, I performed iron work for the new TESLA building and did some substitute teaching. I settled into security specialist for MGM Grand for a few years and assisted with coordination of the response to the Route 91 shooting at Mandalay Bay. Currently, I am planning to open my own business within the next 2 years. For income, I am an armed security specialist for the cannabis marijuana industry in Las Vegas.

How and when did you get involved in the sport?

In 2013 my father, Richard, died. It was devastating... a relationship to never be had or replicated ever again.

He was a great intellectual and masterful chess player, although never athletic and suffered from scoliosis. We mutually applauded and admired the sport of arm wrestling. It was in honor of his memory that I was motivated to participate in my very first tournament. I entered UAL 4 in Las Vegas. I was able to win one match. From there I was hooked. There, I met Tom Nelson, who was very gracious and invited me to practice with the California Armbenders. There, I met Jonathan Vazquez and began training with him and the Northern Nevada Team on a weekly basis.

A man your size, I am very interested in what your training is like. What does your schedule and routine look like?

I am very thankful for my current training opportunities here in Las Vegas. Our team and arm wrestling family, Sin City Hookers, pull at least once weekly. Truly a family, we barbeque and potluck, bring the spouses and kids and celebrate holidays and tournament victories together. I am also able to workout with Eric Spoto at his gym, Sin City Iron. His gym has some of the most advanced equipment on the market today. With a "door’s always open" attitude and of course arm wrestling tables on site, I highly suggest any athlete stop by Sin City Iron while in Las Vegas. I am extremely grateful for my long time teammates... including Jonathan Vazquez, John Islander, Jeff Alexander and Eric Spoto. They have made me the armwrestler I am today.

Can you tell us about any highs and lows of your arm wrestling career?

I’ve had a lot of highs and a lot of lows and prefer not to experience the extremes of either. One of my lows was during a match at the 2017 WAL in Las Vegas. It was a really great event and an amazing experience to be in the same room with some of the best arm wrestlers in the world. Unfortunately during one match, my opponent had an arm break and I felt absolutely terrible for him. His young son was there to see it and it just made me feel horrible for him. One of my high points was winning the 2017 WAL Nevada State Champion title. I was very humbled and honored.

What is next for you in the sport of arm wrestling?

I would like to make each day better than the one before and personal gains are always celebrated. I would love to pull more while traveling and meet arm wrestlers from every corner of the globe. Pulling in as many tournaments for as long as possible is one goal of mine. For me to reach new levels of arm wrestling, I will need to keep diversifying technique and continue to evolve. That is a task I’m enthusiastically pursuing. My ultimate goal is definitely to win a World Championship. With growing discipline and determination, I hope to see you all there.

From the first moment I met you, I enjoyed your calm and humble nature, a true gentle giant. Thank you for letting us behind the scenes and inside the life of the "Viking Giant". I hope to see you again very soon. Until then, God speed brother.

Boom Hancock

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