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It's really important to me for everyone to meet this guy. This is why I'm publishing this article on the Russian and the English page. In Poland my hero is known relatively well but it's more than worth telling everyone about him. Enjoy! Meet Jan Opalski! ()

For his 30th birthday he gave himself... a complete revolution in life. Just like that. He planned and accomplished. He left a job in a huge corporation, really huge. He worked as a specialist, a sports leader in the division of sports equipment sales. He knew (and still knows) everything about sports equipment. I don't praise for nothing, I know what I'm saying because I've seen him in action. To guess the client's needs in every discipline, from skiing through cycling, strength trainings to travels and extreme sports. He would complete tasks like these and from tasks like these he would get satisfaction.

A salesman, a sports advisor is someone close in rank to a trainer. I'm not exaggerating. People who want to “do something”, to add physical activity to their routine – they all go to a store first. They need help in choosing the right equipment, want to know if this road bike can withstand their weight, if these skis can glide smoothly, if these clothes can really protect them from bad weather. And so they get their answers. This was Jan Opalski's responsibility.

Additionally he organized events promoting a given sports discipline. For example our armwrestling. I remember a show, probably in 2018, when on a weekend every customer in the store could hear, see and try what armwrestling is.

To leave a job in a big company and leap into the unknown...

What's necessary for that is what's mentioned in the title – passion! Jan even has a few hobbies.

One of them is armwrestling, another – music. The third one is travelling with a metal detector.

Nice, but how do you make a living with that?

Oh, right. I forgot to mention that he also radically changed his place of living. He left behind Poland's capital, Warsaw, and moved to a rural area. Luckily, he kept his internet connection.

Jan Opalski:

Greetings to all armwrestling geeks!

The path that I've chosen is not easy. However, I know one thing – I now give all my attention to what I truly love doing: vanlife, singing, searching for treasures with a metal detector, armwrestling. I bought a house with a bit of land, I renovated the greenhouse into a gym, I built an armwrestling table and now I invite people from different disciplines to film videos that could inspire as many people as possible!

Of course, my main objective is to promote armwrestling. That's why I really want to keep meeting members of this community.

I invite you for a training together, and for the interested ones, here's my YouTube channel – ZyjZpasji :)


I (PeSzy) also “invite myself” over to that place and will help promote Jan's passion.

Now he started the topic of “our passion for sports”. The idea is that he invites well-known sportsmen to his rural “residence” and talks to them about... sports, thats obvious.

Jan Opalski's guests as of today include:

Alex Kurdecha, Konrad Jaworowski, Krystian Dennard, Robert Grotowski.

We will inform you about further projects here on


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