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The medals you can see in the picture are Wiesiek and (in a small percentage) Igor's works. Wiesław Rzanny has been in armwrestling since 2003, Igor – since... birth. In front of us we see the effects of 15 years of trainings and thousands of kilometers passed. You know Wiesław for sure, so I'm going to ask just a few things. Time to meet Igor. Enjoy! ()

The medals you can see in the picture are Wiesiek and (in a small percentage) Igor's works.

At the 21st Polish Armwrestling Championships (2021, Gniew Castle), the young Traktor Wolsztyn competitor took home two golds in juniors (15 years), in the +78 kg category on both the left and the right arm. These are Igor's achievements. Wiesław started in seniors and masters. In seniors he got a bronze on the left arm in the 86 kg category. In masters – two gold medals.


PeSzy: Wiesław, please, remind us how you got into armwrestling!

Wiesław Rzanny: I became interested in armwrestling back in 2003. I got the opportunity to compete at a festival in Żary, at a competition organized by Krzysztof Kryszczuk (Goliat Żary club). I won my category there but for the next few years I never did anything in this direction. I read about the competitions that took place.

It was only in 2006 that I decided to try again. But in the nationwide arena it was much more difficult. At every competition I learnt something new, the other athletes told me this and that. I also learnt a lot in Szaki Klub, Żary, where I would go for training for a while.

PeSzy: Then you started succeeding...

Wiesław Rzanny: Back then I have already stood on the podium a few times, which only kept getting me more and more into the sport.

PeSzy: Your son was born – Igor...

Wiesław Rzanny: I went to all these competitions with my wife Ania, and after a few months Igor was born. He went to his first competition with us when he was 3 weeks old. Then another, and another, almost always together, the three of us.

Igor knows this sport far and wide. Last year he decided to try out but it was only this year that he started to train with me systematically. Sometimes when I didn't want to go training, he even pushed me to go because he wanted to train.

PeSzy: What are your plans for the season?

Wiesław Rzanny: We're preparing for the European Championships together and we really hope they take place...

PeSzy: I used to be a sportsman myself onece, and my daughter's starts were very emotional to me. To the point her trainer (greetings) threw me out of the room during championships. How do you feel about Igor's starts?


Wiesław Rzanny: I get much more emotional over his starts than mine. When he won his first fight at the Polish Championships in Gniew I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I'm not scared about any injuries because I've never got seriously injured in this sport myself so I'm less stressed. He doesn't worry about injuries either.


PeSzy: What's Ania's opinion on your passion?

Wiesław Rzanny: Ania has always supported me, and now she also supports Igor. She will never tell Igor that he shouldn't do it... She tries to show him the best sides of this sport herself. Due to armwrestling we managed to meet many great people, make many friends who feel like a family to us. We have visited many places – we've really made a lot of memories.

PeSzy: Thank you for the talk. I will also gladly mention that Wiesław Rzanny's starts have been supported by Gmina Wolsztyn for years and for that we're also very thankful!

Wiesław Rzanny: Thank you, and greetings to all my opponents and fans!

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