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Germany vs Poland: Barleber Fight Night 2021 >>>

Germany vs Poland: Barleber Fight Night 2021 # Armwrestling #

There has never been an international match for the German national team like this before! Germany vs Poland in Armwrestling on the Barleber Fight Night 2021 ()

Matthias Schlitte:

Hardly any sport offers more or longer body contact than armwrestling. After all, in the professional form of classic armwrestling, both opponents literally hold hands consistently. Therefore, like many other martial arts, arm wrestling is one of the last disciplines to return to normal after the pandemic. The professional arm wrestling starts again with a real bang. As part of the Barleber Figh Night there will be a real comeback on Saturday in Barleben near Magdeburg/ Germany. In aninternational match between Germany and Poland, three high-class duels are on the agenda.

“There has never been an international match for the German national team like this before, but that is precisely the attraction. In this individual sport, three athletes will compete against each other"

said a delighted organizer Andreas Günther


The following duels will take place in Barleben:

The 2019 world champion, Fabian Täger, who is the first to put on the German national jersey, will meet the multiple Polish champion and third-place winner of the world championships, Rafal Fiolek.

Then his twin brother Jan Täger, also world champion 2019, will try to defeat the multiple Polish champion, Patryk Bugaj.

The Täger brothers are reigning world champions (Jan with left, Fabian with right up to 63kg) and also bring a large number of national and international titles with them.

Matthias Schlitte is the last starter of the German national team to climb through the ring ropes. The local hero from Haldensleben meets Wieslaw Rzanny. Rzanny weighs nearly 20kg more than the Hellboy and won the World Cup in France last year.

The audience can look forward to three exciting confrontations at the very highest level, and a role as a favorite is difficult to make out. There will also be a surprise match between two well-known local greats.


If you want to be there on July 10, 2021 from 4 p.m., you can still purchase tickets for the Barleber Fight Night at www.barleber-fight-night.den


The sport became really well known through the American film "Over the Top" with Silvester Stallone. Meanwhile, she has inspired many strong men and women all over the world. The world championship will take place in Orlando / USA in September. The German trio will be among more than 1000 starters. For the Wolfsburg-based team, the gold mission begins with the first endurance test against the top Polish arm wrestlers.

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