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Anders Axklo: I take it seriously... >>>

Anders Axklo: I take it seriously... # Armwrestling #

Believe it or not I actually won a match, and there is documented evidence. This is really what it is all about, the right to armwrestle where and when you want! ()

When it became possible to travel from Sweden to Slovakia it was withoiut discussion that I would o to Senec Hand. My main intention was to meet the IFA board and all the national representives that were coming. Allthough I have been around armwrestling for 20 years, I have only entered a few low level national competitions without winning even a single match, and I did not at first think to actually compete. Then I saw the masters category, and for the first time in many years it was possible for me to weigh in under 95 kg, so I decided to participate.

IFA and everything we do is about the armwrestling itself, and I love the sport itself, although I am not vey good at it, and I havent been training since before the pandemic. But I have been running and training in the gym, and I wanted to celebrate that it is possible to compete again.

So for the first time in an international competition, with no expectation of any success, I have great respect for real armwrestlers. I was very surprised to manage to win one fight in each arm, and perhaps Patrik Mucka was also surprised. In the left we were very even, and in straps I was lucky to win by fouls. In the right I was almost late for the match because I was focused on some other duties, so maybe Patrik was caught a little bit of guard when I showed up at the last second, and I won a little easier. I am sure he will beat me next time. It was good for me to participate, because even if everything is about armwrestling, sometimes managing the federation can shift focus, and seing the sport from the eyes of a competitor is very good for me. When I compete it is not as a joke, I take it seriously, but I have no illusions about any further success, I know how good the master armwrestlers are, both in Sweden and internationally. I am honoured to even face them at a table.

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