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Why Armwrestling is still not in the Olympics? >>>

Why Armwrestling is still not in the Olympics?  # Armwrestling #

We have just watched the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. Why is our sport missing from the Olympic family? ()

Karim EL Andary, President of the Lebanon Armwrestling Federation, asks the question:

“Why Armwrestling is still not in the Olympics?”

Just 1 day before the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony 2020, I allow myself to write to you as an ex professional sportsman and sports promoter today, looking and dreaming of including my Armwrestling sport in the modern olympics games and to see my Armwrestling athletes compete on an Olympic stage.

Armwrestling is a great physical combat sport our ancestors played a hundred years ago, when there were no other disciplines from any other sports.

Armwrestling game is the fastest strength test, two opponents can fight between friends, family members, school and university students, at work and professionally, almost every one of us has certainly tried their hands at armwrestling at one point in our lives or the other, didn’t you?

Simply all you need is a strong arm and technique Today Armwrestling game became a very organized sport with an International Federation leading and representatives in more than 50 countries. The biggest championship in the sport is hosted by a different country every year and features the sports’ top athletes from all around the globe competing in various different weight classes.

While the sport has had many legendary champions over the years and has all what it takes to reach the Olympics standards, the question is: “why Armwrestling is still not an official Olympics sport?”

Karim EL Andary


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