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Attention, troopers! # Armwrestling #

Polish soldiers do armwrestling! On top of that, they organize international competitions! The note is short because the army is not for writing articles. We're glad to post about your event. Attention, troopers! ()

On August 1st, 2021, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising (1944), the soldiers of the Polish Army Contingent (PKW) in Kosovo organizer the 1st International Armwrestling Competition. The event took place under the supervision of a former competitor (a Polish soldier) on a professional armwrestling table. Among the five weight categories, the winner were as follows:

  1. Up to 80kg, right arm - Polish soldier;

  2. Up to 90kg, right arm - Polish soldier;

  3. Over 90kg, right arm - Latvian soldier;

  4. OPEN, right arm - Polish soldier;

  5. OPEN, left arm - Latvian soldier.


Moreover, Hungarian soldiers also took part in the event. The competition was preceeded by a series of technique and rules practices organized by the Polish soldiers. The results above prove the good shape of PKW soldiers, their involvement in the process of organization and their will to athletically compete on an international scale with soldiers from the countries above.

The table was made by the Polish soldiers "from scratch", and the competitions could be held thanks to the support of ARMPOWER.NET


Source: the official FACEBOOK page: PKW KFOR and





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