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Gasparini vs Trubin! >>>

Gasparini vs Trubin! # Armwrestling #

The Professional Armwrestling League wants to congratulate Ermes Gasparini with early entry into the pool of athletes of the TOP8 Championship! ()

This became possible due to the fact that his potential rival in the TOP8 transitional match Alex Kurdecha will not be able to take part in the event on September 5 in Kiev, Ukraine. The reason is that the athlete cannot leave Poland, the country of his current residence, even for a short period, since he is in the process of documenting Polish citizenship. Alex hoped that the procedure would be completed before the match, but this did not happen. Despite the circumstances, Alex Kurdecha remains in the TOP 8 reserve and will perform at the PAL arena in October 2021.

The name of his future rival will be announced shortly. Ermes Gasparini accepts our congratulations and continues his preparations, now for the match with Dmitry Trubin in October-November 2021.

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