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Kamil Jabłoński: „I'm awaiting the new season!” >>>

Kamil Jabłoński: „I'm awaiting the new season!” # Armwrestling #

A “Zloty Smok” Kielce representative, Kamil Jablonski, can definitely mark this year as a good one. Since 2021 was good, the next one should be even better. We're going to have to wait a little for that, until the Polish Championships, then to the IFA European Championships which, as you know, will take place in Poland, in our Rumia. Read about the athlete because you will meet him in Rumia for sure. ()

Let's quickly review the 2020 season...

In June, at 27 Senec Hand, IFA Armwrestling Cup – he won all there was to win. In August, in Gniew Castle 2020, in plus he was first – before people like Marek Majak and Waldemar Neryng, in OPEN he took the second place because Oleksandr Kulishov won (105 kg cat.). With his right arm, as far as I can remember, he didn't compete. Marek Majak won the OPEN category with the right arm.

In September at the 20th Polish Championships in Koszalin, in his category (so, in plus) with his right arm he won with Marek Majak again. In OPEN, he took “just” the fifth place, behind Lucjan Fudała, Adrian Zgórzyński, Piotr Beberok and Kamil Łaciak. With his right arm, +105kg cat – a third place, behind Michał Węglicki and Marek Majak. With the right arm in OPEN - “only” the eight place, behind Węglicki, Fudała, Łaciak, Nowotarski, Kwiatkowski, Cirocki and Krupa.

Then came the 2021 season, March:

The 20th Polish Championships, March 12-14, 2021, Gniew Castle.

With his right arm, +105 kg – first place; victory over: Marek Majak, Dariusz Popiołek and others. Open, right arm: first place over Lucjan Fudała, Dariusz Popiołek. A little worse with his left arm, in +105 kg he won a gold but… in OPEN “just” a silver, Lucjan Fudała won.


The GOLDEN ARM Open Professional Armwrestling Championships, August 21, 2021 – a win in plus, over Marcin Dutkiewicz and Mirek Hertmanowski. A victory in OPEN as well, over Marcin Sacharzewski.

And then came December…

The 21st Polish Cup, December 11-12, Jastrzębia Góra.

A link to the results HERE

At the Polish Championships he won all there was to win – both arms, in plus and OPEN: all golds.


You have to admit – there’s progress for sure. But you should also consider the starting lists, some important competitors were missing in Jastrzębia Góra, for example. This doesn’t, of course, diminish the value of the victories. I hope that in 2022 we will be able to see 300 athletes competing once again, not 110 like it was by the Baltic Sea in December.

PeSzy: Kamil, let’s sum up last year! Did you lose and to whom?

Kamil Jabłoński: At the Polish Championships in OPEN I lost to Lucjan Fudala with the left arm after a good fight, and at an event in Kielce with my right arm, to Piotr Matusiak. I can’t remember any other losses.

PeSzy: So, you’re satisfied?

Kamil: I’m satisfied with the season, yes.

PeSzy: What changed in your training? Precisely, this season?

Kamil: I think there’s one very important issue, one change. I have a “disciple” as you call it, but it’s rather a training partner. I’m talking about Grzesiek Waldon. This whole year he kept teasing me that soon he will be better, that he will win with me. He really put me through a lot. I think it’s because of his motivation that I did so good this time.

PeSzy: Let’s remember that Grzegorz Waldon is a member of Złoty Smok Kielce, at this year’s Polish Championships we saw him in 95 kg where he took the 4th place with his right arm and the 8th place with his left arm.

Now ATTENTION! We’re getting to the crucial part!

PeSzy: Kamil, a few weeks ago you showed us a show-stopping fall from a tree, namely from a tall ladder, and you didn’t look too well after all that… Tell us, please, what kind of injury was it and how did you train after the fall?

Kamil: So, it went like this: I wanted to cut six trees to approx. 5 meters of height so that the street lights can go through. I managed to handle five of them so I decided to put a camera on the roof of a lorry and record the cutting of the last tree. I turned on the camera and I thought that I could fall. I laughed and a minute later I was already on the ground, four meters below with my head hit on a stone. I wasn’t in the mood for laughter anymore. I wasn’t sure what I’d injured and if I wouldn’t pass out. The first thing I did in the first five seconds: a phonecall to my wife. “Darling, I have fallen off a tree, come quickly!” After a while I was dazed but fortunately it pssed and after 7 minutes I was already on my way to the hospital with my wife. Seven stitches, other bones untouched, only my neck and shoulder hurt the next day. I got over the neck quickly but it took a month or even longer to get over the shoulder. I took a 4-week break and when I resumed training, I added more weight with each session so that by the end the weight was supposed to be bigger than my record. I managed to prepare really well. I’m a little bummed that the best were missing because I wanted to test myself but at least I managed to get back to training 3 days after the competition, no pain, no exhaustion. I’m awaiting the next season. Thank you for this one as well! And I wish you all a happy new year with only success ahead of you!


Kamil Jabłoński

PeSzy: I will only add that I don’t recommend cutting trees. At least without support. I’m glad Kamil came out alright.

Two more sentences from Grzegorz Waldon. What is it like to train with Kamil?

Grzegorz Waldon:

I started training armwrestling about 4 years ago but I trained for a year and stopped, I took a break. I started training for real again when Kamil came back from England to Poland, so it’s been over a year of non-stop training, and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon either.

PeSzy: Thank you both for the interview. To finish off, since we’re just finishing the year, let me wish you health and success. But don’t climb too high in the future!

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