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Greek Team! # Armwrestling #

We already know: Hungarian national team, Finland national team, Slovakia national team, and of course Polisch. Time to introduce the Greeks! ()

Dimitris Filikidis announces:

Hello, we will have 9 athletes, 7 athletes are junior and will compete for the first time, I will have 2 athletes at junior 15, one at 52 kg and the other at 63 kg. I will have 2 athletes in junior 18 years old, one in 86 kg and the other in 86 + kg, and junior 18 at 63 kg. I will have two athletes in junior 21 in 95 kg and 95 + kg. I will have one in senior 95kg. I will also participate in the 78kg master. All the juniors will participate in a European championship for the first time and this will be a test for me as a coach. The kids have been training with me for 3 years and I think they are ready. I do not want to say big words but I think we will make a very good appearance.

PeSzy: How are you preparing? Who are most of the players from Greece?

I prepare my Team with a lot of hard work, we work with weights and technique on the table. My athletes are students.

PeSzy: Thanks and see you in Poland!

Dimitris: See you in Rumia!

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