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In many combat sports disciplines (eg. wrestling, fencing), national and international competitions are held separately. Juniors, seniors and masters also compete separately. In armwresting, we start together. "We train and compete together!" says Dominik Zaorski and his dad. ()

It's really important for me that competitors from different countries get to meet their Polish rivals before the France World Championships. Are there any father-son teams within you? Let me know. We were able to see three father-son duos at this year's IFA EURO in Rumia. There would be even four, with Igor and Mikołaj, but Igor couldn't come for obvious reasons. For sure, we will be able to see them together soon - Igor in masters and Mikołaj in juniors. They will take the podium for sure. For now, Mikołaj started on his own and Igor cheered for him from Ukraine.

I will now introduce to you the father-son pairs that competed together at the Rumia torunament. These are, in random order, Podgórscy, Gralaki and Zaorscy.

Podgórscy, as far as I can remember, have been in armwrestling almost since the beginning. Both of them - Wiesław and Mariusz - have dozens of medals from international and national events. What do we know about them? Wiesław is a graduate of Warsaw Physical Education Academy. When he was young, he did classic wrestling, he's great at skiing, owns a small store, is already a grandfather and eagerly teaches his granddaughter skiing. He got into armwrestling when the sport started developing in Poland but before that he had won with some serious opponents multiple times (weighing 70 kg at the time). Simultaneously, Mariusz started entering his first competitions in Poland and got his father into it too. They have been appearing at tournaments together for years, sometimes Mom comes and cheers for them too. Wiesław's specialty is hook duels. Wiesław has a gym at home, small but well-equipped. Many future and present champions have practised there in its cozy four walls.

One cheers for the other, analyzes and scolds or calms down when they need it.

They have been going to competitions with a puppy since recently, too. It's called Totek and it introduced itself spectacularly in Rumia by barking, especially during national anthems and decoration ceremonies. They both represent the "Spartan" Warsaw club.

A truly great team!

Gralak team consists of Stanisław (father) and Maciej (son). Maciej started doing armwrestling as a form of physical therapy. Stanisław got into our sports then as well. Stanisław as a junior started in judo, too. Currently, his other passion is hunting. He works as a civil worker. He trains together with Maciej in a perfectly set-up gym. Close to their home, a few meters. Father Gralak is with Maciek during every fight, he advises, helps and scolds too. Both of them and each on their own have walls filled with medals and trophies from Polish and international events. Sometimes, they go to events with Mom (all the best!). Both men compete in the colors of the ARM FANATIC Grudziądz club.

Zaorscy, so Damian (Father) and Dominik (son) have been in Polish armwrestling since recently. God, the way time flies! For Dominik, armwrestling was a form of rehabilitation at first. Then it turned out he can compete, fight and win. Damian started getting into it just then and picked it up as well. Now they "hunt" for medals and trophies together. Damian is an enterpreneur, he's also the vice-president of Polish Armwrestling Federation. Before armwrestling, he also did running, cycling and all sorts of extreme challenges. He likes playing golf. I don't know if he can, though - we've never played together before. Damian founded the "Dziki" Bielice club and is its president and driving force.

These are our three teams of generations. You will probably get to meet them at the upcoming World Championships.

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