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Groch: I lacked strength... >>>

Groch: I lacked strength... # Armwrestling #

The greatly important competition is already over. In mu opinion, crucial for IFA and the future of the careers of many top competitors. Covid, war and other evils couldn't stop our rivalry. Many athletes came, mamy teams, and everything went smoothly. ()

But I have to say it again - these were crucial championships for world armwrestling. As far as I know, there have already been candidacies issued to host the next competition. Now, time to describe and introduce the medalists and the ones who lost.

Time for experts!

One of them is Dariusz Groch (Wiking Nisko) - an international multimedalist as a competitor, the coach of many Polish national team members as a trainer, one of the best and most popular as a referee.

I direct my questions at him, then. First - his overall impressions.

Dariusz Groch:

Great organizing. I was a little surprised by the number of tables but everything went smoothly. A big pro was the category timetable.

When it comes to the level of rivalry, I can only tell you about my category (under 78 kg) where 24 athletes signed up, including many people who already have international titles. So it was very difficult and I'm definitely not content with my results. But I have to say I'm very proud of what Artur Krupa did and how he claimed the title of the World Champion. It's very motivating - the awareness that you actually /can/.

PeSzy: Darek, you can't, unfortunately, say this event was a success for you. Places outside the top ten definitely don't satisfy you. Let me ask simply - why?

Dariusz Groch:

I lacked strength. I was a little out of it because of a vacation I went on four weeks before the event, and after I came back I felt my arms are in poor condition and it would be difficult to restore my previous shape so soon.


PeSzy: I hope you plan your vacation better next year. All the best!

Dariusz: Greetings to everyone and congratulations to the medalists!

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