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Maria Juroszek: Necessary evil... >>>

Maria Juroszek: Necessary evil... # Armwrestling #

The key sentence from this interview for a local TV station is: the disabled are a necessary evil! It's a bitter statement but who else if not Mrs Maria Juroszek is allowed to say it? ()

The thing is: everyone in the Polish armwrestling community knows Mrs Maria Juroszek. Competitors from international tournaments, including the recent IFA World Championships 2022 where she won two golds, also know her very well. But it's not the point. I have something to ask of you. I sincerely recommend watching the interview if you're a person that cares about others.

First of all, through sharing the video, please thank the sponsors of all sportspeople, including the disabled ones.

Second, look around... Not everyone is as strong and brave as Mrs Maria so maybe someone close to you needs help, maybe you should show them our sport, offer some help.

That's my request from you, thank you in advance!



A short summary:

Mrs Maria Juroszek, a double gold medalist of the recent IFA World Championships, a multimedalist of various international competitions talks about... herself and her difficult life, about lacking money and at the same time about how she helps those who are more in need than she is. She helps the homeless. In her hometown, Cieszyn, as soon as it becomes chilly, she goes out with hot meals and clothing for the homeless. She also helps animals.

She says directly:

“The disabled are a necessary evil!”

She knows what it means to choose between food and necessary medications.

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