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Polish World Champion! # Armwrestling #

Polish World Champion! Yes! Now, in winter, a Polish guy won gold at the World Championships in Snowboarding, namely - parallel giant slalom. Of course, we're talking about Kwiatkowski! ()

Now let me tell you how it's connected to armwrestling - Oskar is Jerzy's 26-year-old son. And Jerzy is a Polish and international multimedalist.

You know him, I'm sure of it. He's been in our sport for over twenty years.

It's no surprise, then, that both his son and daughter took up sport as well. They didn't choose armwrestling but it's fine - for now, Jerzy's representing his family on his own well enough.

My most sincere congratulations for Mom (Ania), sister Olimpia, Oskar and of course Jerzy!

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