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Lukasz Suchaja: Reconnaissance! >>>

Lukasz Suchaja: Reconnaissance! # Armwrestling #

Armwrestling has two main advantages. The first one is that the disabled and "abled" (though this name is controversial) fight in the same competitions, side by side, for the same medals and titles. The second one that undeniably makes armwrestling stand out from other disciplines is how there is no age separation - the younger and the older generations fight together. ()

So, to the point - this year's Polish Championships hosted a competitor, well... Let's say, one that disappeared for a long time. It's Łukasz Suchaja. He was there during the beginnings of armwrestling in Poland, and then he was gone.

It happens.

But Łukasz is coming back!

He treated Cieszyn as his "reconnaissance". Let's remind his story to those who have only been starting for a short time.


PeSzy: How and when did armwrestling start for you?


Łukasz: The first professional competition by a round table with an indent for the elbow was, for me, in Boguszów Gorce (Lower Silesia, Poland) in 1998. They were Polish Championships and I managed to win a bronze medal there which fueled my determination.


PeSzy: It's true, the tables were round... I still had no idea that armwrestling existed in 1998 and only knew the federation that organized the armwrestling competitions from powerlifting. It seems that you're a member of the elite that remembers the round tables - like Igor Mazurenko, I think. What came next?


Łukasz: I lost the next event in Jaworzno, organized by Mariusz Grochowski in 2004 (I think) but later that year I took the podium at the Championships of South-East Poland in Lublin where I won gold in my category (under 75 kg) and bronze in OPEN.


PeSzy: Had you trained anything before that?


Łukasz: Generally speaking, weight sports and martial arts - but armwrestling won. Mostly because it's an individual sport and it's not as brutal as kick-boxing, for example.


PeSzy: What's your education?


Łukasz: I graduated from a ballet school so I couldn't develop my muscles too much while training.


PeSzy: There came a moment when you split ways with armwrestling.

What was the reason>


Łukasz: Work, family, injuries. I had elbow surgeries. I tried coming back to training from time to time but because I couldn't start in competitions, I started choosing general workouts so that I don't get stiff in my corporate job.


PeSzy: Did the will to come back come suddenly?


Łukasz: Now that a few things are settled, I want to make a "tiny comeback" to my old passion that never really died in me. It was just a little reduced because of my life situation.

I took part in the recent Polish Championships in Cieszyn without any preparations whatsoever. I met many amazing people, though, great competitors and, above anything else, I felt the need for rivalry again.


PeSzy: So, to sum up...


Łukasz: I'm no role model but...


PeSzy: You are a role model because of your experience, so...


Łukasz: If anyone is considering coming back to this sport after years, I can fully recommend and encourage you to do that! The trainings are exciting, of course, but the competition magic is amazing and the thrill and experience you get there just pushes you to improve. On top of that, the people are just something else - absolutely phenomenal.

For the first time in 19 years I could see my old rivals and friends in Cieszyn - Darek Czernik, the Biegun brothers and Piotr Kajstura, and I've also met new, kind and open-hearted people.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my old pal - Mariusz Grochowski - for letting me compete in his amazing club and for allowing me to train under his supervision. The will for training in me is strong and if health allows it, I would like to test my skills again this year at the Polish Cup.


PeSzy: Thanks for the interview, and see you at the Polish Cup, then!


Lukasz: Of course! Thank you and see you soon!

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