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Przemysław Ciba: "Big thank you to my rivals!” >>>

Przemysław Ciba: "Big thank you to my rivals!” # Armwrestling #

I asked about his strong and weak points and Przemek told me: "I'm always thankful to my rivals for showing me what I have to work on." Enjoy an inverview about armwrestling and much more! ()

PeSzy: My introduction, if you'd allow: There are strength sports, motor sports, team sports and... "table" sports. Those include: table tennis, chess and armwrestling. It turns out that Przemek used to play chess quite seriously. He also did football and handball, and even table tennis. When did he pick up armwrestling?

Przemysław Ciba: I've been into armwrestling since 2009. I've been training as an amateur since 2012. Professionally - since 2015, the Polish Cup. At first, we organized armwrestling workshops in ZSEI nr 1 in Cracow with Darek Groch.

I stood on the podium about 50 times in total. Around 10 medals from Polish Championships, including 3 gold. Another 10 in the Polish Cups. Four from European Championships, 2 golds. A gold from Senec Hand World Cup last year.


PeSzy: Why did you choose armwrestling?


Przemek: Because it's amazing, it's real fighting, it's magical and you can do it for a very long time. I'm no longer young and I'd love to train until the day I die.


PeSzy: Were there ever any times when you wanted to drop it?


Przemek: There were instances like this, especially when I got injured. But it always passed fast. One time I couldn't even lift a tablespoon for two weeks. It was very hard. But it passed. I won't let armwrestling go.

I always train. I believe in small steps; people learn that with time.


PeSzy: What are your strong and weak points?


Przemek: I'm always thankful to my opponents because they show me what I can still work on. I think when it comes to my strong points, I'm quite fast at the start but I won't give away any more details. I train all-round and try to master every technique. I think this is the key to success and keeping the right proportions in your training.


PeSzy: How many times have you fought Wiesiek Rzanny so far?


Przemek: Quite a few... I won with my left arm only once as far as I remember, and it was during the European Championships qualifiers. The fight in the finals was long and beautiful. I made a few mistakes and I lost. With my right arm, it was quite the opposite. I only lost twice, at the World Championships in France, but I went there with an injury that came back to me in Nisko.


PeSzy: Then how are you doing outside of our sport?

Przemek: I have a great wife and daughter. I work as a teacher at a dormitory. Besides that, I'm also a chess instructor - I work in a community center. My hometown is Busko-Zdrój but I live in Cracow now. I'm also a member of our armwrestling club, Wiking Nisko. All the best to all our Vikings!


PeSzy: Thank you for the interview!

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