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JAPANESE FRIENDS # Armwrestling #

We are very honored by your visit. It's great to host Japanese Friends! ()

The delegation of the Japan Armwrestling Association visited Poland and the armwrestling capital of Poland - the city of Gdynia. It was in Gdynia that Polish armwrestling was born. The photo shows the headquarters of the Złoty Tur club, places of training, seminars and meetings of Champions from all over the world.

Representatives of the IFA Board are meeting this weekend with a delegation from Japan Armwrestling Association as they plan a bid for a future World Championship. The meeting is in Poland to draw experience and knowledge from the Polish Federation, and of course a visit for sparring with the Zloty Tur club in Gdynia.

This photo has a symbolic meaning, but not everyone will notice it. Regards!

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