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Paweł Malicki: Eight medal chances! >>>

Paweł Malicki: Eight medal chances! # Armwrestling #

Not to jinx it but... I always worry when I write about someone's chances for medals. What if it doesn't happen, what if I say too much... You know how it is. But! It's loud and clear that one of our Polish competitors has 8 medal chances for the upcoming European Championships! ()

Eight! In two days! Look:

Paweł Malicki

[MEN] Junior 21 # 70 kg # (LEFT)
[MEN] Junior 21 # 70 kg # (RIGHT)
[MEN] Senior # 70 kg # (LEFT)
[MEN] Senior # 70 kg # (RIGHT)
[MEN] Junior Disabled Standing # J23 PISt Open # (LEFT)
[MEN] Junior Disabled Standing # J23 PISt Open # (RIGHT)
[MEN] Disabled Standing # PISt 80 kg # (LEFT)
[MEN] Disabled Standing # PISt 80 kg # (RIGHT)

Armwrestling is an individual sport but it isn't really. Knowing that we work for a team definitely pushes us to work harder. Especially on our own field. Pawel Malicki - I've written about him many times before.

Now, I asked him one question: What do you think about when you realise you have eight chances for medals?

Paweł Malicki: I love it! Many duels, many chances to prove myself to others, I absolutely love it. Each category is important to me and I want to give it my all in every fight. The senior category, however, is what I'm looking forward to the most.

PeSzy: Now you're resting, right?

Paweł Malicki: There's only a few days left until the Championships, I did all I could. Now I'm trying to catch a breath and hoping that my hard work will be enough for a good result. My training plan was as usual - mostly focused on my weaker sides.

PeSzy: I know you have lots of trophies in your home already. I wish you a few more shelves in the future to stack them on! Don't thank me, please, so that you don't jinx it!

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