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Train with Mazurenko equipment - Mechanical Arm  >>>

Train with Mazurenko equipment - Mechanical Arm  # Armwrestling #

This machine is a demanding rival indeed. A real steel champion. The Mechanical arm can imitate perfectly a fight with a furious opponent.

This machine is a demanding rival indeed. A real steel champion. The Mechanical arm can imitate perfectly a fight with a furious opponent. The imitative hand can be regulated so it can easily suit your individual preferences. The construction allows you to add up to 70 kg of external load. This machine is designed both for the professional armwrestlers and the beginners. Exercises that can be performed on the mechanical arm are not very sophisticated and don’t require much time to learn.

Thanks to this machine, we can strengthen our elbow attachments (by performed side pressure) which are really important for any armwrestler in any of the possible fighting techniques. What is more, it can strengthen our wrists and fingers.


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Training machine that can imitate a real armwrestling fight, with the use of right or left hand, for strengthening the tendon and muscles near the elbow joint.




Proper position before starting the exercise.




While performing the exercise with the Mechanical Arm you can easily ram with the leg. That way you will use different parts of the muscles. Way of assembling the frame of the machine is the same as in the case of the professional armwrestling table.






Horizontal regulation of the handle allows you to perform left and right hand exercises properly.




With the use of vertical regulation of machine’s artificial arm, we can easily customize it to suit the length of the real human arm. 






The regulation of machine’s artificial arm guarantees a comfortable exercise of the insertion and the tricep muscle.