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Evgeni Litovcev about his training >>>

Evgeni Litovcev about his training # Armwrestling #

I have been practicing sports acrobatics since early childhood - Jewgienij started, which of course gave me great opportunities in armwrestling and showed my true potential.

As I was approaching the age when it was hard to be practicing acrobatics, my weight increased to 90 pounds, then I decided that I need to do something else. I found myself once at the local armwrestling competition, I’ve tried, I liked it, although the first result was not overpowering. Now I stand at the head of the Sumska Peripheral Armwrestling Federation, 40 people train in my section.

How does Zenia train before the competition?

The “Key” is your wellbeing – he says, without a good mood and rested arms there is no point in approach the weights, and moreover there are no conditions to meet the sparring-partner. Indeed, in our sport, this theory is true. If the ligaments hurt, give up training for some time and the body's regenerative capacity will be doubled. This is an individual matter, because everyone has a different body.

At the beginning you must perform a warm-up, a bar is the best to do this. I train three times a week, so I give my ligaments an opportunity to regenerate. Once a week I fight at the table.


MONDAY 1. Pull-ups on a bar with a wide grip. Jewgienij performs this exercise in a special way, sideways movements burden in turn first left, then right arm.
MONDAY 2. The second exercise used for a thorough warm-up of the chest muscles is performed on parallel bars.
MONDAY 3. Lifting the load with a hammer grip using an adjustable block, with elbow based on the table. 5x 6-10 repetitions. Three weeks before the competition, the last three series should be performed as isometric holds for 10-15 sec. The weight should be selected so that the seconds are on the breaking point.
MONDAY 4. Working with a load on an adjustable block. The movement begins with the fingers. 4x 6-10 repetitions
MONDAY 5. Working on elbow ligament using an adjustable block. 5x 8 - 10 repetitions. Pay attention to the property of performing of the exercise. Elbow ligament is one of the most complex parts of the arm and if there is any pain, it is essential to stop training, or perform this exercise with lighter weight.
WEDNESDAY 1. Pull-ups on a bar with a wide grip. The same as on Monday. 4x 7-10 repetitions
WEDNESDAY 2. Lifting a dumbbell on a wrist, with forearm based on the inner thigh. 5-6x 15-4 repetitions
WEDNESDAY 3. Working with a mechanical arm 5x 8-10 repetitions.
WEDNESDAY 4. Work on fingers. 5x 10-15 repetitions
FRIDAY #1. Pull-ups on a bar with a wide grip. The same as on Monday and Wednesday. 4x 7-10 repetitions.
FRIDAY #2 Lifting a dumbbell to biceps with a hammer grip, from the right angle, with elbow based on a curl. 5x 10 4 repetitions.
#3 Lifting a dumbbell to biceps with an  undergrip from the right angle, with elbow based on a curl. 5x 10  4 repetitions.
FRIDAY #4 Torsion movement of the hand outwards with a load on a belt. 4x 12   6 repetitions
On Friday or Saturday Zenia meets with his sparring-partner and practic at the table, but as it was mentioned previously, it depends on his well-being. If ligaments hurt it is better to postpone the exercises for the next day.