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Semerenko banned for doping >>>

Semerenko banned for doping # Armwrestling #


Alexey Semerenko according to a decission made by the EAF Anti-doping Committie has been banned from competing for 2 years. 

The official EAF communique

During the 19th European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria 2009, the anti-doping committee has made a test on the 5th of June 2009 on Alexey Semerenko – Ukraine (sample code: A1852674) and was tested positive. Substances found: clenbuterol and 11-nor-a.tetrahydrocannabinol-g, carboxylic acid.


As a conclusion the decision of the EAF is as follows:

- the athlete will be banned for a period of 2 years in competing in any events organized by or under the patronage of the WAF and EAF, that means by WAF and EAF members of international, national and local status including preparation periods.  
- zawieszenie ważne jest we wszystkich światowych dyscyplinach sportowych 
- the suspension is valid for any sports discipline  
- disqualification form the 19th European Championships 2009 which includes taking away the medals (gold in the left under 110kg category and bronze in the under 110kg right hand category)
- the suspension starts on the 1st of August 2009 and finishes on the 31th of July 2011
- after the suspension is over if the athlete wants to compete again he would have to take a doping test on his own cost during the European Championships (EAF) or the World Championships (WAF).

You will find the official letter from the Doping Control on this web page:


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