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EAF Congress Mesquita 2010 >>>

EAF Congress Mesquita 2010 # Armwrestling #


On the eve of the competition the European Armwrestling Federation held another Congress of the World Cup participants. In a friendly atmosphere various problems connected with the fate of European armwrestling as well as the organization and conduct of the events in the future (where and when) were been solving for 3 hours.

All interested, we quote the results of this Congress, as many of the elements were related not only to management of individual organizations, but also concerned competitors.

One of the most pressing problems was the announcement of the dope comittee. During the European Championships in Moscow in the bodies of three contestants illicit substances were detected. Two competitors were fined by EAF, and the third competitor from Turkey appealed against the decision of the committee and her name cannot be provide to the public. Two men have been punished in accordance with the International Anti-Doping Commission WADA. Asmonas Mantas from Lithuania, who was punished for a period of two years for using anabolic steroids was mostly punished.

The second contestant, a representative of the Russian team was penalized for a period of three months, because he reported that in the time of preparations his doctor prescribed him medications, which can be detected in dope tests and found to be illegal. However, these drugs have only medicinal properties, and although they are on the banned list, Alexander Anfilofejew from Russia, was sentenced to a period of 3 months, but he can fight now.

The next years European Championships will be held in the following countries:

2011 - Turkey, Antalya (mid of May)

2012 - Poland, Kolobrzeg (late May)

2013 - Lithuania, Druskininkai

2014 - Azerbaijan, Baku

in 2015 by the decision of the Congress, the European Championships will be held in Bulgaria in Sofia.

Next year also changes regarding the implementation of protocols will take place and all competitors will have to have a license of a European Federation, which can be obtained in their country, as well as at the international tournaments. These and other changes will help to carry out competitions at different levels quickly and accurately. The license will cost no more than 10euro per year.

Tomorrow the weighing in of the competitors as well as the Congress of World Federation starts.


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