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The 28th June, in Las Vegas, in six-round duel Khadzimurad Zoloev (Russia) and Todd Hutchings (USA) will meet. >>>

The 28th June, in Las Vegas, in six-round duel Khadzimurad Zoloev (Russia) and Todd Hutchings (USA) will meet. # Armwrestling #

Khadzimurad Zoloev: I’ll be reacting to situation and see what fight my opponent propose me. ()

Here’s an interview with Khadzimurad

Tell me, have you already fought with Hutchings?

Khadzimurad: No, this will be the first time we meet. At NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2011 we did not meet.

What do you think of his hook? In the US it is said, that he is unbelievably strong, and that’s how he beat John.

Khadzimurad: Maybe in the US he seemed to be super strong but on a world level… I don’t think so. John, in the time of the fight was after an injury and not in the best form. We did not manage to verify his strength in a hook yet at the Professionals’ World Cup. I remember his fight with Rustam Babajew and other „hookers”, in which he could show off, but he didn’t achieve much. I think, in the fights with me he wouldn’t rather use this technique, as 6 rounds awaits us. I think, John Brzenk knowing my technique, will be advising him.

So, I expect surprises of my opponent. I’ll be reacting to the situation and see what kind of fight my opponent propose me.

And what do you think of his duel with Stoyan Golemanov from Bulgaria?

Khadzimurad: I think, he manager to piss Stoyan off. Golemanov has a great top-roll technique, but it does not disturb him to fight well in a hook. Then he didn’t expect to win, he felt American walls help the opponents.
I also felt that at the times I wasn’t used to that.

Do you think of return fight with Jerry?

Khadzimurad: Jerry has such a technique, that he uses all his mass, he knocks of the opponent’s arm or pushes it down. But, if he is caught in a hook, hit in the wrist and then pulled on himself – he can be stopped. I hope to meet Jerry and have a return match.

So see you in Las Vegas.

Khadzimurad: See you!


Interviewed: Yulia Khoziainova

Translation form Russian: PeSzy


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