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Sergiey Tokarev analyzes the fight with Michael Todd >>>

Sergiey Tokarev analyzes the fight with Michael Todd # Armwrestling #

The 28th June, ARMFIGHT #42 Vendetta in Las Vegas, Michael Todd (USA) vs Sergiy Tokarev (Ukraine) right hand. Here are the impressions of the player who lost, but has already started to look for a way for…Vendetta! ()

Hi, what do you think of the fight with Michael?

Sergiey Tokarev: I’m quite satisfied with what I showed in Las Vegas in terms of the technique. However I didn’t have enough strength in some points of the fight. The weight difference was about 10kg, so in the first rounds I could show my endurance and resistance. I had enough endurance. What I’ll tell you is that, there was a little fault in a training process, during preparations for the start. Mu wrist was not strong enough in the upper part, so I didn’t manage to come in a hook. However I’ve managed to block Michaels huge attack a few times, what made him some problems. He couldn’t feel so sure anymore. Anyhow, just after I came back home,
I changed my training technique and I hope effect will come soon. I don’t know if I’m already successful at incoming A1, but I’m sure to be armed in new fighting ways ready to use at the World Championships in Brazil.

Did the inappropriate acclimation influence European players’ form?

Sergiey: I’m sure it was a problem to adjust to the time difference and the hot climate. It must have play a role. I guess, that it the fight took place in Europe I would have more chances to win.

What can you tell us about your opponent?

Sergiey: He’s got an extraordinary technique! But the point is that Michael has just one extremely strong way, just one type of the move in an attack, in triceps and a very strong and the rest of the muscles, he uses for defense and domination of the opponent. But apart from that, his technique is not a variable as what John Brzenk can show. This unilaterality and repeatability give the possibility to find a proper “key” and I’ll try to get it soon!

What are your future plans?

Sergiey: I’ve applied for the start in A1, I’m going to Moscow and then the Word Championships.

So see you at the table!

Sergiey: Best regards to all the readers.



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