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LYON CUP - Cup of Lviv >>>

LYON CUP - Cup of Lviv # Armwrestling #

FitMax CHALLENGE on the 19th August ()

We don’t often write of the events that take place next door, across the border. And we have what to write about! Lvov lies close to our border and that’s the place where due to skilful organizers, a tournament worth noticing took place. The organizes, Armwrestling hotheads the Ivanickis family – and more precisely the father and the two sons risked organizing the greatest international Armwrestling event in the region. Sports level and organization set the even on prominent position. Lvov is a special place for our sport. Here “the father of the Ukrainian Armwrestling” Alexander Tumeniev was raised and worked. Here in Lvov he developed his planes regarding our discipline. Unfortunately he died in 1999, after devoting all his life to Armwrestling. So the place is both “magical” and dignified.


Lvov tournament didn’t escape the PAL notice and this year (and for sure next years, too) they suggested cooperation.

This year’s Lvov tournament will be taking place in August as the even under the patronage of the PAL. Players will appear in classes in accordance with the regulations of the Professional Armwrestling League both men and women.


A general sponsor of the tournament is a producer of dietary supplement and nutrients for sportsmen of the FitMax brand. 


 The production of the event was undertaken by the PAL. It means the whole “engine” of the event, so electronic protocols, television broadcast and the preparation of the signal for transmission, setting and referees’ issues. The tournament will be broadcasted by the local TV and on the internet.


Eliminations for NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2012

Due to predicted sports level and strong line-up for the Ukrainian players it’s going to be a kind of eliminations for NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2012. The best four Ukrainian players from each class will gain a permission to come to Warsaw.


The details are accessible in the CALENDAR section of webpage.



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