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VOEVODA AT THE WORLD CUP? # Armwrestling #

Everything is correct, except the discipline! ()

When I read the title of the article on I was simply happy. We’ve been waiting for this Warrior for a long time and it’s time for him to finally stand again at the table. I kept reading and ... Well, we’ll have to wait until 2015. In the meantime, one can only wonder - how many fans bobsleigh has gained thanks to us - armwrestling fans!
We should get some royalties, don’t you think?

All right! So what is this iced track all about?

Alexey Voevoda: We’ll compete in the World Cup national competitions in the same line-up as we did at the World Championships.

On February 4 the bobsleigh and skeleton team returned to Russia. The Russian brakeman Alexey met immediately with a correspondent for the portal TEAM RUSSIA-2014, Helena Golowienski, and it was he who started the conversation. Alexey together with Dmitry Abramovich – the pilot, Dmitry Stepushkin and Alexey Puszkarev –the pushers, finished 11th in the four-man competition.

How did we come out? - he started- I think our performance was satisfactory taking into account the conditions.

Only now could the journalist ask a question:

What do you mean?

First of all, our crew was the third to make its run. That meant we couldn’t choose the bob and runners, as the first two crews did. After all, the index “3” means the order of selection.
So we could only wait for them to decide on the equipment. And then we chose from what was left. Fortunately, there was a lot to choose from.

But when every fraction, hundredth of a second counts- the lower the index, the higher the chances of a good result.

Secondly, our team was gathered literally on the eve of the championship, which also matters. Although we haven’t competed together before, we showed to be a good well-paired cooperating team. As I said - Dmitry Abramovich is a talented pilot. He came back to Russia’s national squad after an injury and long rehabilitation. If he is not yet in top form , he will certainly reach it and will be able to fight for medals.

Are you satisfied with your run-up at the start?

Generally speaking – yes, especially in the fourth heat when we produced a time of 5.00. Our third run was even better than that of the first two crews. It’s not much, but it gives you joy. Everyone in the crew is happy. Of course, we wanted to climb the podium, but for the time being it’s still a difficult task to complete.

But it’s possible, if you keep competing in the same line-up?

Of course! But decisions as to the line-up of the crew are taken by the coaching staff. For now, I can tell you one thing: the line-up of our crew at the World Cup in Sochi will be the same as in Switzerland.

One more important question. How do you feel after the injury, which happened during the training runs before the European Championships?

I feel pain I my shoulder, it’s more than just a bruise. In the near future I’m going to the doctor’s to have it checked.



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