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We already know almost all the dates of important armwrestling events. Which of the champions marked which event on their calendars and started looking for air connections? ()

So far we’ve heard from Andrey Pushkar. Where and when are we going to see him? The first big date is already approaching, i.e. “Moscow Absolute” a competition held right after the Championship of Russia. As you remember, this open category event is reserved not only for Russians, all “heavy” and “super heavy” warriors from Eastern Europe want to take part in it. Competing in this tournament is a must , and it’s not only because of financial reasons, I mean big money prize funded by Nikolay Mishta, the sponsor and organizer of “A1”.

The upcoming Moscow ABSOLUTE is just at the beginning of the sporting calendar. Next, we’ve got the European Championships and Moscow tournament “A1”...

Adrey Pushkar also has to take part in the Championship of Ukraine and in the second edition of WORLD ARMFIGHT in Bulgaria (this year armwrestlers from +95 kg category will compete there), and that’s not the end.

Another event he needs to include in his calendar is LION CUP FITMAX CHALLENGE 2013 in Lviv.

Andrey has to take part in this event, and it’s not only for the fact that it’s a NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2013 qualifier for Ukrainian armwrestlers.

Another event in which Andrey will participate is World Championships at the beginning of September. As usual the season will end with the World Cup in Poland.

It is generally believed that heavy and super heavy weight competitors need more time to recover. It doesn’t matter if it’s boxing, MMA or armwrestling. 

Even a cursory glance at the calendar reveals that Andrey needs to make some selection.

His friend Arsen Liliev proved last year that it’s easy to overestimate one’s form. He already had some problems during the World Championships and eventually was too exhausted to compete in the NEMIROFF 2012 in November.

Pushkar’s greatest European rival - Denis Cyplenkov competed only twice last year. As far as we know he’s planning to do the same this year, so he’s going to take part in two, three at most, competitions this year.

From what we know it seems that Andrey has already decided to focus only on a few events, and he’ll give up the Moscow Absolute.



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