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Wrestling deleted from the list of core Olympic sports! ()

The Executive Board of IOC examined the reports on 26 sports, taking into account as many as 30 (thirty!) various factors, with only few of them being officially announced. The criteria included: TV ratings, ticket sales, global popularity, and even issues related to doping. No one knows anything about the other “factors”.

Wrestling is not included on the list!

What does this mean?

First of all, we can see with our own eyes, that the IOC handles affairs of other countries in the world. It ruthlessly passes sentences on many people related to particular sports. Consider the young people who are just about to become coaches. Or novice competitors and their coaches.

Secondly, the MMA in Poland, and perhaps in other countries, is going to get a powerful dose of “fresh blood” in near future.

Why wrestling?

In my opinion - arguments about popularity, ticket sales and doping are illusory. The truth is that the development of wrestling has not guaranteed ANYONE any profits!

1 - Wrestling is a sport in the case of which it is impossible to sell ANYTHING! All you need to raise a champion is just a cold cellar room, an old mannequin, a few pairs of shoes and costumes. Well, maybe even a bench, rope and sometimes a shower.

2 - But it’s wrestling’s own fault - the moronic regulations turned attractive fights with clear rules, into a scramble difficult for spectators to follow. They have only themselves to blame, but the situation could have been changed.

3 - Wrestling, as opposed to boxing, has not developed a formula for professional competition which would create the demand for Olympic champions in a natural way.


What does it mean for armwrestling?
It is a pity! Many of the first armwrestlers and armwrestling coaches were wrestlers at first.

Warning! The International Olympic Committee is transforming itself. For the time being, our aspirations to become an Olympic sport seem to be a waste of time and pulling the wool over our eyes.

Warning number two! In 2007, the previous management of WAF, i.e. Fred and Willy, were still pulling the wool over our eyes with their “efforts” to introduce armwrestling into the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA)!

Visionaries? Shamans? You name it.

What does it mean for a civilization derived from the traditions of Ancient Greece and Rome?
The end ...

New places on IOC list will probably be taken by:

Baseball - Special large baseball fields, the possibility of massive corruption at the level state-executives during their building;

Softball - as above, but on a smaller scale;

Squash - snobbish sports centers, for the chosen ones;

Roller sports - street, street sports, so instead of “education through sport” – “education on the street”;

Wakeboarding - thousands of wakeboards and kites sold;

Sport climbing - climbing wall in every house and tons of chalk;

Chinese martial art of wushu - the end of the Greco-Roman civilization.


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